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NYX Rouge Cream Blush (Natural)

I've always preferred powder blushers as they're easy to use but cream blushers seem to give me a more glowy, natural and less cakey look. Applying cream blusher beneath powder also helps it last longer.

*Pic from CherryCulture

Before Canmake blushers became popular here, NYX Rouge Cream Blushers caught my eye. Although I wanted to get so many colours, I knew I wouldn't really use cream blushers so I only bought one and chose a safe shade : Natural.

Casing is all black with a window which makes it easy to see the shade. Cover is secure but easy to open so you probably won't have any 'accidents'  while opening it.

*Surface has been 'repaired' using Photoshop since it's used and there was a HUGE dip where my fingernail accidentally dug inside =_="

I used to apply this using the stippling method but nowadays I just use my finger to save time.. Once blended out, it's a soft flush of colour but it's buildable. It's so creamy and easy to spread yet doesn't make me oily.

I think the name suits it perfectly as the colour is just so natural.. I'm not a fan of OTT blushers so this is just perfect.. ^_^ Lasting power is alright.. Doesn't last from morning til night but it's decent enough..

Product says : NYX Rouge Cream Blush provides natural, radiant, long lasting color to the cheeks due to a specially formulated, creamy formulation. Simply dab NYX Rouge Cream Blush onto skin with fingertips to emulate the look of natural, youthful skin. 
Ingredients : Polyethylene wax, Ceresin wax, Beeswax, Mycrocrystalline wax, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Mineral Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Hydrogenated Polyisobutylene, Squalene, Diidostearyl malate, Titanium dioxide, Mica, Silica, Corn starch modified, BHA, Propyl paraben.
Size : 6 g / 0.21 oz
Price : RM 20+
Bought from : Cherry Culture (through spree-ers in Lowyat.Net)
Made in China

Pros : Natural looking, creamy, not oily, buildable colour, easy to spread,
Cons : Not available locally

My conclusion : I have not tried other brands of cream blushers but IMO this is pretty good for the price =) I've used it a number of times but there's barely a dent (except for the large dip =_=). There's no sign of it drying up


  1. that is a gorgeous shade! I'm surprised it made form China as their stuff were previously made in the US. Looks good quality though!

  2. Aih... I don't know where to get this now. Last time in LYN there were Rowena and Aini doing sprees but now, it's like MIA already...

  3. I have this and love it, the name fits so perfectly!

  4. @ Nic Nic
    Double checked.. lol It says made in PROC..

    @ Angel
    You can still order from StrawberryGirl ma.. Last I checked, some were moved to Services Noticeboard.

    @ Gaby
    Yup! ^_^


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