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Sweet Bean @ SS2 Petaling Jaya

Been living in SS2 my entire life. Funny how it's Nicole who brings me to new places here =_=" This is Sweet Bean, which is located across Wong Kok/Subway & is on the same block as Eu Yan Sang.

She just loooooves their herbal porridge (she had this 3 days in a row). IMO, it's not bad.. Has a lot of chicken meat inside.

I ordered pasta (when will I ever learn..?). The meatballs looked extremely dry but inside, they didn't taste that bad.. Just not juicy enough. The sauce tasted like they simply poured ketchup on it and I did not taste herb at all. If you like a more tomato taste over meaty sauce, you might like this.

The name of this dish made me order it =_=" Deep fried milk? What...?? Looked like chao lobak (fried radish cake?) but this is sweet and not 'bouncy' nor chewy. Tasted a little like the filling of egg tarts. Did not fancy this.


Somehow the interior greatly reminds me of Secret Recipe (wth I actually typed Secret Bean).

Set lunches are available from 12-3 pm and they're so worth it!! Compare the price of the set with my sucky ketchup sauce spaghetti.. =_=" The fact that the set is even cheaper is like wtf?! Set comes with jelly & iced lemon tea/sweet soup.

Decided to dress up a little even though we were only going for lunch in SS2 (glad I did cos we headed for 1 Utama after that). Love this dress I got from Kedah for RM 29. It's comfortable and has lace at the back. I'm pretty sure this is cheaper online though. Clincher from night market.

I even wore eyeshadow! Missed out the accessories though. Really need to start making use of them again.

Hmm.. I have no idea why I have tufts of lighter hair beneath my brown hair o_O

If I go back, I'll try the porridge or set lunch. Staying far far away from the western food =_="


  1. Food blog and I'm starving now!

    I've never heard of this cafe before despite being in and out of SS2 for all my life! Hahaha...

    Love your dress!

  2. Hahaha! So am I =_="

    Glad to know I'm not the only one! Phew..~

    Thanks Angel =)

  3. love the dress and it's cheap too :)


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