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Purple Phone Baju

Kinda regret buying the black casing for my phone cos.. I saw this dam pretty purple one at the night market!! Love the bright colour compared to the original black one. Plus.. This was only RM20+ while the black one from the shop was RM 80 =/

I like it so much, I painted my nails purple to match it xD Too bad it's not the exact same purple though.. I also reshaped my nails as I want them to be more squarish (like my ring finger) but somehow it just refuses to be square =/ Shall work on that..

Now on the hunt for a cheap pink jelly case! xP While browsing I found these~~~ Not really something I would buy but I like the pink colour lol

Omg this Mercury Jelly Case is exactly like the one I bought from the night market and the Sweet Pink is sooo nice! I just don't understand why the corner is exposed though.. I feel like I will knock my phone onto something and dent it =/ Is it for easier removal?

The above Angel Jelly Case is RM 20 only!! Promo price for first batch~

If bright and bold is your thing..

This is cute and cheap..

I shall resist from buying another case so fast.. Though I do wish I could have all the different colours so I can make my phone match my clothes @_@

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