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[Food] Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee @ SS2

I'm a fan of normal soup pan mee but I also love chilli pan mee! My favourite one is from Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee. They have a number of branches now but I always patron the one in SS2. The shop is almost always full during lunch and dinner time. Plenty of parking in the area but you may have difficulty finding a spot during lunch time.

I've been here many many times but each time I order their Chilli Pan Mee because it's just THAT good.

Each bowl is filled with fat pan mee noodles, minced meat, fried anchovies and an egg with a runny yolk. The noodles are just perfect with a good bite to them and never soggy. If the egg yolk is insufficient, you can add some soup to make it less dry. The bowl of egg drop potato leaves vegetable soup comes free with the noodles. If you want more greens, you can pay RM 1 for extra vegetables. Usually one bowl is just right for me. It looks kinda small but do not underestimate it! The noodles are really solid and filling.

Each table is provided with a big bowl of dried chilli flakes. The noodle by itself is already very flavourful but the chilli will add that oomph to it. I usually take one spoonful but this is according to your preference. Remember to continually mix your noodles as the ingredients tend to fall to the bottom. I love eating all the anchovies at the end as they remain crunchy even though I add soup into my bowl.

Even with the additional extra vegetables in my soup, it’s not sufficient for a vege lover like me so I add on another bowl of vege soup with fu chuk and pork balls (yum!), also with added RM 1 vegetables. Sometimes when I ask for extra vege, they even give me another bowl of soup. The taste of their soup is superb while the meatballs and fu chuk are also very fragrant. 

You can order this snack to share too. Thin slices of heavily marinated meat. I love the strong flavour and slightly crispy crust. They can be a bit salty so you may choose to eat them with your noodles but I don’t mind having them just like that.

42, Jalan SS2/10, Taman Bahagia,
47000, Petaling Jaya,
Contact number: 03-7877 2281


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  1. This is actually my favorite food in Malaysia! I go to the one at Sunway Damansara..awesome, makes me miss KL more...


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