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Pop Art Take 2

So.. I was one of the beauty bloggers in the October issue of Seventeen magazine. Each of us were given different make up looks. Since I was the youngest, they chose a bright and vibrant look for me.

I'm not very happy with the photo since I look sooo bad T_T~ *emo* Bright colours without eyeliner just spells disaster for me *super emo* Plus they made me smile like that to show my dimples (so getting braces one day). I never smile like that in photos *extremely emo* Annnddd I made the mistake of wearing green lenses so I had to remove them and didn't bring my grey ones *emo-ness oozing out of every pore*

So.. To make myself feel better, I redid the look and camwhored =_=" Pics from my Galaxy S2. First one using primary camera, next 2 using secondary camera. Obviously the main camera looks better but I can't see how the picture looks like.

Basically, it's yellow on top and blue below with mascara and no eyeliner. Light pink/peachy blusher & pinkish nude lips.

Love my lashes here!

*still emo-ing* Was so emo about this that Andrew rushed back to give me hugs lolol

Hmm.. Btw I feel like my pic has a 'Silkygirl feel' to it =_="

Products used :

Stage Picture Perfect Liquid Camouflage (04 Diva Doll)
NYX Eyeshadow Base (Skintone)
Bright yellow from Manly palette
Blue from LA Colors Tease palette
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara - super lengthening to compensate for not using eyeliner
Jordana Blush Powder (Touch of Pink)
Polka dotted ribbon hair clip from night market

The eyeshadow base I used is skin colour but it would have been more vibrant if I used a base which is the same colour as the eyeshadow or a white base (NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk works great here).

Now.. If you're not daring enough to try this look, you can tone it down by adding brown into the crease. It makes the look much more wearable. I've changed to my Stage lipstick here.

Personally, I think darker eyes suit me better =_=" Converted it to a night look by adding black/dark grey from my Elf Duo Eyeshadow (Licorice) and applied eyeliner. The blue on the lower lash line actually looks good with dark eyeshadow.

*sigh..* Okay, I feel much better now lol


  1. I think you look cute in the magazine! Noone ever likes how they look in photos haha. This is a really pretty look, though I think i prefer the way you did it yourself to be honest.

  2. Hahaha! True..

    Actually it's the exact same look but with longer lashes, contacts and fringe =)

  3. hahaha..XD funny!but I applaud you for ur courage in appearing on magazines and do photoshoot!nice look! I've forgotten the last time I even paid for a beauty magazines..XD

  4. I reckon you're lucky to be in a magazine! I wish I could be hehe. I think you look great, you have a nice smile ahaha. By the way I love your hair colour :) Did you dye it yourself or hairdresser? I wish I knew the colour

  5. u have talents to be a mua! nice to be in mag!

    xoxo elle

  6. @ aisyah
    hahaha! I haven't bought mags for a while too. This was an exception =x

    @ Jennifer
    Hairdresser (no guts to dye it myself x.x). I have no idea what's the colour name lol! I just kinda pointed at a bunch of coloured hair and told her I wanted that colour =/

    @ Elle
    Haha thanks but not true.. I'm hopeless when it comes to doing makeup on other people.

  7. omg congrats for being featured in Seventeen!! i like the look alot!


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