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Pizza Milano @ 1 Utama

Before I start this post, I would like to wish all Muslim readers Selamat Hari Raya!~~ ^_^

I have mentioned before that this is where I eat one of my favourite spaghettis. Managed to coax Nicole into going with me cos we're on this stupid 'food adventure'. I actually have a list of places I want to eat at =_=" I haven't been to 1 Utama since the renovation so when we arrived we felt a little lost. In fact.. We followed the crowd all the way to One Avenue before realizing it.

No, she did not end up drinking the Tabasco lol

I couldn't decide to suck on the straw or smile so.. I ended up with this weird half-half look =_="

We were seated next to a father and daughter and while waiting for our food to arrive, I heard the little girl exclaim loudly "jo meh jie jie ge sau kap tung cheong mou jin geh?" which kinda means 'why jie jie's (elder sister/girl) nails so long, didn't cut'. Guess my Rimmel nails caught her attention.

After telling Nicole, we decided to pretend to take photos when we were actually stalking the little girl =_=" Because we have... Nothing better to do.. =/

Yum! The aglio olio spaghetti is RM 9 but I ordered extra seafood which costs an additional RM 3 & Nicole got double extra seafood. There's a generous amount of fish (salty but I like it), prawns and calamari. Iced lemon tea is RM 2.50, if I'm not mistaken. I always add Tabasco to mine even though it's already spicy cos I just love how the taste comes out. The non spicy version is nice too ^_^

Quality has dropped a little since my previous visit but I will still return as the portion and taste is quite good considering the reasonable RM 12 they charged me for it.

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