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MagicColour Sparkling Aqua (Love!)

Gone are the days where only 'guai lou' can have blue eyes.

I realize blue contacts brighten my face and aren't as freaky looking as I expected!

Lenses in the Sparkling series have a slight ring and the colour blends well so it's more natural than the Blushy collection but more obvious than Dazzle. There's the main blue colour and yellow in the inner rim. I have no problem wearing this without makeup.

The blue is just.. GORGEOUS! It's originally lighter in colour but appears darker on my eyes. Love the fact that the colour actually shows, unlike some other brands where you can barely see the colour.

I very much prefer the blister packaging over glass vials (like the GEO ones) as they're easier to open and safer. Btw, just in case some of you are confused, this MagicColour is NOT the GEO Magiccolour. It's a totally different company.

Can't even begin to tell you how comfortable these are. 55% water content and the ultra smooth surface makes it easy to forget I'm even wearing anything.

I love this so much, I already bought a back up pair lol They were having a half price promo so I grabbed a few pairs. One afternoon, a guy dropped off the package for me, saying he was passing by anyway. Kinda gave me a shock cos I didn't expect them to personally deliver the lenses to me so I wouldn't have to wait one more day for it to arrive via Poslaju. Then when I opened it, there were 2 extra pairs inside! I discovered later on that the guy was the boss, Alvin. PAI SEH! I only said 'harr...' with a shocked face and 'thank you' x_X Very nice people behind this brand.. =)

I'm so excited cos now I can try the Diamond and Ballerina series as well! ^_^ Wheee...~~

Base Curve : Median
Diameter : 16 mm (which is awesome!)
Price : RM 40/year
Sold at : MagicColour
Made in Korea

Pros : Lovely colour & design, comfortable, high water content, blister packaging, not drying, enlarging effect, opaque
Cons : -

My conclusion : Love. Already repurchased. Highly recommend this!

** Product was provided by MagicColour for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. the lenses look great on you!! such a unique shade of blue =]

  2. hey, their packaging is so unique. I love the non vials concept ^^

  3. so lucky! O: cant wait to get that magiccolour lens also! :p thinking of getting the dazzling brown but couldnt find any reviews till now! YAYAY lucky i bought the e-coupon too! <3 ps, so lucky! free TWO lens?!

  4. Do you get these with a grade on them? I really want contacts but since I'm a glasses wearer it's so difficult for me to find any companies that put grade on contacts. Not to mention I'm near sighted which is another new hurdle altogether...

  5. Sorry, what do you mean by grade? these do come with powers. I'm short sighted too. But there aren't toric lenses( for astigmatism)

  6. Sorry that's actually what I meant! Power* Haha~ Sorry. And aw... I need toric lenses. But I think they're so much more expensive? I know nothing about lenses :( I feel like an idiot. Haha

  7. Aww yeah.. they do cost more. My astig is not very high so I just wear normal lenses. Some people make an extra pair of glasses for just astig to be worn while driving at night only

  8. You know what, I never thought of that. Maybe I'll do that when I have extra cash. Thanks!!


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