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Collagen Beauty Roll @ Sushi Tei

What's the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear that? I would think of some kinda facial treatment which involves rolling and collagen =/ Dermarolling? Lol

Not what you expected? Lol Now, I didn't order this (due to the price) but I do wonder if such 'collagen food' could actually affect our skin. My mum likes eating chicken feet & she claims that the collagen in them is good. I'm.. still not convinced enough to eat them =_="

Anyway, this was at Sushi Tei.. Nicole's Chawanmushi RM 6.50. Er.. Yeah.. she took a chunk out before I snapped the pic lol

Salmon sashimi, my fav ^_^ RM 12 for 5 big juicy slices. Butterfish was my 2nd fav but now they're said to contain high levels of mercury? Darn.. =/

Niku Udon (I also love udon!) RM 17.80. Udon noodles & beef were nice but the soup tastes like diluted soy sauce (maybe it really is?)

Black roe thingy I took off the train which tastes just like any other black roe thingy elsewhere =/ Should have gone to Jusco instead

Salmon sushi thingy with sesame and seaweed =_=" This is what happens when I procrastinate posts. I forget names and details. Argh!

Right.. So here ends my 'nothing to write so I'll post food pics instead' post.


  1. since u like udon, have you been to Marufuku in Jaya One?

  2. Yes, I have!! Lol Miss that place. Wanna go back again =/


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