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Photoshop : How to Remove Shine from Faces

I'm just gonna start by saying that by doing this post, I'm not trying to say I'm really good at Photoshop (in fact, I stick to the basic stuff =/). This is just one of the 'tricks' I picked up.

You know that feeling.. You look back at your photos after a night out and realize.. That great shot that cannot be recaptured. The ONLY shot with (insert friend's name). But.. your face looks like a frying pan. Then you struggle with the choice of keeping it or not. Should have checked on your makeup. Should have powdered your nose. Shouldn't have used the flash.

But it's too late now. Or is it really?

Well, thank God Adobe for Photoshop!

I'll be using this photo as an example. It was after a facial so my face was super shiny. And I think I used flash as well.

First of all, duplicate the layer. Always edit on a new layer. To be super safe, it's better to put all new edits on a new layer as well.

I'll demonstrate on the nose.. Using the Eyedropper Tool, select any non-shiny region directly around the shine.

Now, select the Brush Tool and adjust it to 15% opacity. Select Basic Brushes and use one of the Soft Mechanicals (circle with blurry edge) that is big enough to cover the shine plus some of the surrounding area. 'Powder' your nose until satisfied. Experiment with different brush sizes. Basically, the smaller the brush size and more areas you pick the colour from, the more natural it looks.

Now, do your whole face.

If you feel it's too matte or fake looking, adjust the layer's opacity. I've pushed it down to 60% here.

If you notice any rough edges around your 'powder', simply use the same Soft Mechanical brush, except this time with the Eraser Tool and go around the edge of your 'powder' to blend it in.

This method can make a huuuge difference to your photos. Comparison below to convince you.

I hope you girls understand what I was talking about and it comes in handy lol There are better tutorials out there but this is from my point of view =)


  1. Wonderful and super helpful!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. Wow I had no idea that shine could be removed on photoshop,(actually, there's probably plenty of things that can fixed with the magic of photoshop which I'm not aware of) great tutorial, thanks for sharing :)

  3. Yup.. You'll be amazed. Some people look so different in real life cos of Photoshop =_=

  4. nice tuto, n thx for your comment, I haven't tried dolly wink series yet, but it looks promising though, I've read a lot of nice review about them already.

  5. I wish I had PS. All these nifty tricks will come in handy and I won't have to take a zillion outfit shots before I'm satisfied hehe

    Great tutorial, though. The After photo still looks very natural and pretty :)

  6. great tutorial!!! so helpful since I suck at photoshop LOL

    thx for dropping by my blog dear!! your so pretty ^_^

  7. @ Lina
    Both my eyeliners are running out soon so maybe I'll try it out and see what's the hype about

    @ Joey
    Ah.. PS only helps to a certain limit. A good camera and lighting is still important (so many times I wished I had a ring light & better camera lol)

    @ ShinyPrettyThing
    Thanks babe ^_^ Nah.. I suck at it too LOL

  8. I... am bookmarking this post. <33

    I am so bad at Photoshop, it's barely funny. Haha.

    And yeah-- I have some suuperr shiny flash photos I could use this technique on.

    Excellent tutorial~.

  9. I just recently discovered how to do this and I'm now practicing it in my photos.

  10. Fortunately for PS newbies, many phone apps can do the same ^_^


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