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Maybelline Lip Smooth Color & Care (Strawberry)

Bought this during my lip balm phase but I've been using it very often recently. I don't normally wear lipsticks since they're so dry but this provides colour & care.

My tube is broken already. I've been unable to twist the balm back down so I gotta be really careful about how much I twist up.

One swipe provides a light flush of colour but you can layer for more colour. The balm is soft and easy to apply. It goes on smoothly and is shiny.

It's moisturizing so I'm comfortable with wearing it. The colour's not too intense, giving just a little colour.

Pros : Moisturizing, applies smoothly, shiny finish
Cons : Breaks easily

My conclusion : Loving it at the moment ^_^ This has replaced my other lip products and I've been using it almost every time I go out.


  1. I love this!!Maybelline has great lip products ♥♥

  2. This is actually a really pretty colour! I never noticed these lipbalms before. I stopped using them until recently, and my lips are thanking me for it!

  3. I really need a lip balm right now..XD Forgot to bring any lip products to Kuantan..>_< Thanks for the review..^^ I love colored lipbalm ^^

  4. It looks adorable, but probably too sheer to even show up on my lips. ; w ;

    :D If you're interested please follow back on:

  5. Wow-- very natural, but definitely a colour enhancer. Plus, moisturizing = <3.

  6. whoa i didn't know Maybelline had this product. it looks great! i love lip balms that are tinted. saves me the step of applying lipstick after hahaha


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