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A Little Shopping Therapy

Before I start with the haul pics, here's some random pics since original post name was Randomness Pt 2 (yeah I know, how creative lol).

This is... A 20 year old girl who was thick skinned enough to ask a cute clown to make her a balloon lollipop after his working hours =_=" Was working at the F&N Raja Tarik event at Cineleisure lol Their balloon creations are so cute!! Too bad didn't get their FB or something. Btw, Boh Tarik is super duper nice to drink!! xD

Clubbing night with Nicole @ Maison KL. We both don't dance so.. Just there to drink and attempt to shout in each other's ear =_= My hearing was affected until the next day.. Zzz.. Btw, no pics from that night cos I wasn't allowed to use my camera inside =/ In fact.. The guy wanted to confiscate my camera but I persuaded him to let me keep it, promising not to use it. Music and environment there isn't bad.. Better than G6 but still not quite my type.

Used Elf Studio Eyeshadow (Coffee Bean), Solone Eyeliner (Golden Black), Maybelline Magnum mascara and Empro Eyebrow Pencil. My Magnum mascara is running out but luckily there's gonna be a sale at Watson's next month and it's gonna be on 30% off! =D Let's just hope I remember to get it..

Had dinner the next day and decided to keep it light since I was majorly dehydrated from the night before =_=" Girls.. Please drink more water after consuming alcohol. No matter how tired you are, remove all that makeup and slap on some skincare before you sleep too!

Argh.. Would have shown you what I wore but I don't have a mirror big enough. So I'm showing you all face shots lol Someone asked me the other day.. (Pink on left side is me)

Why do you take pictures of yourself?
To post on my blog lah.
Post on your blog for what?
To show people lah...!
People wanna see your pics meh?
Well.. I myself like looking at photos of other bloggers.
(So assume they feel the same way)
That's just you. I don't like looking at photos of other people lor.

People will never understand bloggers.. Lol Hah.. But sometimes I do find it a lil ridiculous posting photos of myself that perhaps nobody ever wants to see. But hey.. It's my blog and I'm vain so.. I'll post whatever I like! xD

Anyway...You just wanna see what I bought right? Lol.. Everything from Sungei Wang (my fav shopping location!).

Black dress with ribbon RM 25. This is a little big for me and I don't really fancy it but for RM 25, I can't really complain, can I? Will just have to wear a clincher with this.

Dark blue peplum dress RM 25. OMG I actually saw this on the 6th floor first and the shop was selling it for RM 40! They also carried another dress with the same price which was similar to something I bought earlier for RM 25 only so I felt odd. "This one is good quality" my ass!

Super awesome silver toga dress RM 30. The moment I tried this on... I turned to Nicole and said "I'm getting this" lol The material's kinda thin (MUST wear shorts inside) but I just love love LOVE it! It's body hugging, shimmery and has a draped flowy sleeve x_X~ This shop is on the 6th floor.

Floral dress RM 25. I've been wanting to buy a floral print dress for quite some time but didn't quite like how flowery most of them look. This is toned down with the black skirt ^_^ The buttons have a tendency to open by themselves though =/ Gotta do something about that..

Black & white tube dress RM 20. Don't fancy the satin since I'm so lazy to iron my clothes but for RM 20, how could I say no?!

White laced back jacket RM 25. Looks formal from the front but check out the back!

Black cardi with gold buttons RM 25. Been eye-ing this for a few times already but never got it. Finally tried it on and I was SOLD.

Formal jacket RM 25. This looked so good on the mannequin, I HAD to try it on lol Looked awesome at the shop but not so when I tried it on again at home =/ It has some lace and a ribbon on the back. Not sure when I'll have a chance to wear this.

Clinchers, RM 25 for black, RM 15 for white. Need to replenish my clinchers!

Black bodycon skirt. Have always wanted a skirt like this.. ^_^ The back is a bit potong stim though since it's those smocked back with rubber band.

Blue ribbon shorts RM 53 (with the skirt above). This may be the only impulse purchase of the day.. =/

Total damage RM 293. How cool is that? So many pieces for less than RM 300! Didn't get any shoes though.. Just can't bring myself to spend so much on brandless shoes o_O Nah actually I wouldn't spend on branded shoes either =_=

Sale for nail stuff at My Nail Solution, 3 Two Square (kinda opposite the mosque near Jaya 33). I skimp on nail stuff so didn't really get much. Essie Matte About You (matte top coat) RM 22.40, mini sized Essie RM 10 each Good To Go! (fast drying top coat), Marshmallow, Mint Candy Apple, Haute As Hello & Splash Of Grenadine plus one nail art brush RM 7.50

I tried the matte top coat and it works! Not that I was expecting it not to.. lol Urgh.. Excuse my chipping polish.

Yeah.. So I think that's enough shopping for now x_X I shall eat bread for the rest of July! And perhaps August too =/


  1. *wide eye* i don't know that people think like that about us! seems like they think bloggers are buay paiseh.. lol. btw, i love looking at other people's pics too! u r not alone.. ^^

    btw, love your hauls!! and i want those essie nail polishes *envy*

    looking forward to read more from you~ love, Pam

  2. Love the nail :D and I love going to Sungei Wang and Times Square, but I always always overspent there! which is not good for my wallet :P but for RM25 it cant get better than that!! and for 200 you can get a variety of things :P I wish I went there last month, but then again I am glad I didnt!! :P


  3. cute nails!!! :D and those dresses look gorgeous :D x

  4. My favorites are the black cardi with the gold buttons and the matte nail polish top coat! I was just wondering to myself if a product like this exists!

  5. Wow~~~ Nice shopping haul... Makes me feel like going too... But not easy for me to find clothes over there as I can't find my size >.<

    Anyway, I have a blog award for you. Check it out ya =)

  6. @ Pam
    Yay! Glad to know I'm not alone xP

    @ Aiko
    Yeah I overspend too but after that I don't have to spend on clothes elsewhere! I'll rather buy 10 pieces there than 3 pieces elsewhere =/

    @ TINGkabelle
    Thanks babe ^_^

    @ Eden
    They doooo lol I've been looking for one that's available locally (hate waiting for sprees)

    @ Fruity
    Yeah.. Most of the clothes say free size but it's usually just size XS-M.

    Thanks for the award! ^_^

  7. Love love love the haul!! But before that, you look beautiful! I really love your look! And... too bad if that person don't like looking at other people... I enjoy looking at other people and yours too <3 And not sure what's that person's problem... =.=
    I absolutely love that half black half white dress! That is just soooooo gorgeous!! So cheap... I want to go to Msia for shopping... :(

  8. Thanks ^_^ I guess it just depends on the person huh..?

    Can't wait to wear my new clothes! ^_^ (Yes I actually have not worn them yet). Come shop here! xD

  9. People will never understand bloggers <----- I know ur feeling!! =.=

    btw ur new clothes is so prett dear!! loovee it, you look so pretty that day :D

  10. Nice dresses!! You got all that for just around $100 USD!!! That's SO good :D :D :D

  11. nice haul! the dresses are so cute!


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