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Butterfly Award, 15 Random Facts About Me

I've been given a Butterfly Award from Kai Jing of Fruity Purplicious whose favourite colour is purple xP

Award Rules :
Award 7 others and write 15 random things about you.

Right.. 15 random things about me.

1. I like to be organized. I write appointments in a diary, have to do notes in my phone, arrange my stationery, fold my napkin etc.
2. Also connected to point number 1, I don't like surprises cos it catches me off guard (eg. someone dropping by my house while I'm in my worst looking condition).
3. I'll rather stay up until 6 am than wake up at 6 am.
4. I have a beagle, a spoilt shih tzu, 2 sugar gliders and a lobster.
5. I like pasta and sushi (Jap buffet tomorrow!)
6. I'm quite kiamsiap but I don't mind spending on food and gadgets.
7. I don't like teddy bears and flowers (not even from my Bf/on Valentines). In fact, I think a single flower is better than a bouquet.
8. I'm a lil tipsy from 2 glasses of wine (with cheese while watching Source Code).
9. Which brings me to this confession. I like alcohol. But not up to the point where I'm puking or unable to walk.
10. I need to visit the salon =/ My regrowth looks horrible.
11. I need more shoes. As I said in number 6, I'm kiamsiap and also I want comfortable shoes (which are so hard to find).
12. I have a number of mini skirts that I don't dare to wear anymore cos I deem them to be too short. Wonder how I wore them in the past..
13. I wanted to get the Canon S95 but it's been out of stock cos of the situation in Japan so I'm holding it off for now (also due to the fact that I just bought a new phone).
14. Reason I bought a new phone is because I dropped my old Nokia 5800, which has been with me for 2 years, on the road.
15. I'm too sleepy and tipsy to continue so yeah.. I'll end it here lol!

I'm forwarding this award to...

Waiting to read 15 random facts about you girls! xP


  1. you have a lobster?! hahaha as a pet?! so cool!!! i enjoy alcohol too lol but only if it's mixed with a bunch of fruity stuff. the taste of alcohol makes me gag unless its wine or beer >.<

  2. Well, actually my parents own the lobster lol


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