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Fixing Chipped Nail Polish

This is my current nail colour, Essie Mint Candy Apple. It's smooth and opaque after 2 coats and took a short time to dry. I do fancy the shade as it looks quite unique ^_^

However.. It begun chipping after a few days even with top coat =( Now.. When my nail polish chips, I either remove it or try to 'salvage' it (especially when I'm too lazy to repaint lol). There are several methods to do this.

1. Clip your nails so the chipped portions are clipped away. I do this when I feel my nails are getting too long. However, it doesn't work with some nail polishes or when it's a thick layer. Clipping may cause more chipping instead.

2. Apply a layer of nail polish with different sized glitters on the tip. This will help hide the chipping.

3. If you think removing chunky glitters is a pain in the ass, you can opt for this lesser pain in the ass method.

Fill in the chipped areas with the same layers of the nail polish.

Apply glitter nail polish to disguise the ugly line between the new and old polish. It still looks rather lumpy here but in real life you can barely see it! ^_^

Voila! Fresh looking nails..


  1. i hate when my polish starts to peel. so annoying! one time the entire polish peeled off my nail in 1 piece hahahaha

    this is a pretty cool method! thx for sharing ^_^

  2. I read something about how to fix chipped nail polish in a magazine (think it was Glamour?) and they said to fill in the chipped areas with the same layers of the nail polish and then, to disguise the line, rub a little nail polish remover on top to smooth the line. It works wonders! Be careful not to use too much remover though (:

  3. I've never tried using glitter to disguise chipped nails. Thanks for the tip!


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