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MagicColour Dazzle Gray

Wayy overdue post lol I've been wearing MagicColour for a while now. It's kinda wasteful to open a few lenses at once but I was so tempted after wearing the Blushy Green and finding out how much I love it.

Photos of me wearing this lens :

As you can see.. The lenses are pretty natural looking. There isn't much of an outer ring and IMO, is not as opaque compared to the Blushy series. In the photo with gold eyeliner HERE, you can see that my whites are visible near the edge.

Comfort wise, it's as comfortable as the Blushy Green ^_^ Yay for 55% water content..! No eye irritation either.

Btw, I pushed the MagicColour lenses to the max and wore it for 18 hours*!! It didn't feel dry, my eye didn't get irritated and no eye redness. Just awesome..
* In non air conditioned room without wind blowing directly in my eyes

Base Curve : Median
Diameter : 16 mm
Price : RM 40/year
Sold at : MagicColour
Made in Korea

Pros : Natural looking, not drying, enlarging effect, comfortable
Cons : No outer ring, not very opaque

My conclusion : I usually prefer circle lenses so Blushy Green is still my favourite but this is not bad when I want a change =)

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. it looks a little bit like green on the third picture :D I love how you pair the gold eyeliner those those grey lenses. so pretty :) makes me want to get gold eyeliner!

  2. Wow so pretty! 16mm is so huge! o_O

  3. Oh!I like this one. ^^ I got one pair of lens~~> a bit similar to urs.

  4. @ Frances
    Oh yea.. cos of the stupid lighting =_= That gold eyeliner tip was by a Lancome makeup artist. Looks good, huh? =)

    @ Choco
    Yes! 16mm is awesome xD Took a little getting used to though

    @ Ayu
    Oh? What lens is tht? =)

  5. wow~ so pretty :)
    followed :)
    please follow back
    thanks before

  6. They are such pretty lenses! They looks great on you =)

  7. Hey these lenses look really pretty on you! They don't seem like 16mm lenses :o Your gold eyeliner complements the lenses really well :)

  8. Bought it from my sister's fren. Cost~>RM35.FYNALE Hani Series in Gray.
    Diameter 14.5mm but look more like 16mm when I wore them

  9. @ Miharu
    Followed ya back! =)

    @ Rachel
    Thanks ^_^

    @ Jen
    After my first 16mm pair, the other 16mm ones seem normal now lol

    @ Ayu
    Ah.. I've heard of that before. My friend is selling it too. Looks interesting

  10. A lot of people like that halo effect, but i've never been a fan of it. I do like that they're so natural looking, my favorite greys are the DollyEyes sooo I should probably pick up a more natural looking pair.

  11. it looks super nice and natural for you..glad it really turn out gray...I've tried GEO gray lens before, but I dunno it looked like im wearing blue lens instead of gray..but this one its really in pretty!! luviit!! =).

  12. I've tried Geo Fresh Gray & Angel gray. Both didn't look good on me at all. Angel looked almost black and I couldn't see in Fresh! I ordered the same power but it was really blur. Now, I've banned GEO lenses. Dry, powers aren't right & uncomfortable. Caused a growth under my eyelid too.

  13. your contact lens review have been so helpful! i wanna buy some lens from magic color but dont know hoe to choose. i might buy the sparkling and dazzle ones! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  14. Hi Sabrina! You can fine their reviews online ^_^ Personally I super love the Sparkling Aqua and Moonlight Pink. Very wearable designs.

  15. Love those lens! Do you think they would look good on lightbrown-yellowish skin? Would like to have them :3 They look really good on you! c:

  16. Well, grey and brown lenses are 'safe colours' which suit generally most skintones =)


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