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Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul

And also a tool for me to express myself. If you know me in real life, you would know I like to make expressions (hence the fine lines!).

Have you ever wondered how the Saudi women expressed themselves when their whole face is covered except for their eyes? Well, I believe the eyes alone can show how you feel and you don't actually need the whole face (although that would be easier). Don't believe me? Look at the photos below.


Well okay, some of them are not really clear lol But I tried! Since the eyes are so important, I tend to focus on them. I like to prettify them using coloured contact lenses and if I could afford it, I'll get various colours to suit my mood!

If you're like me, you'll be glad to know that MagicColour is having a Buy 3 Free 1 promo right now until 30th June. I would suggest you to grab this golden opportunity as the lenses are really comfortable (I'm not paid to tell you this!).

Btw, I'm wearing MagicColour Blushy Green =)

P.S. While you're reading this, I'll be on my way to Kedah & Penang! ^_^


  1. I like your 'SHOCKED' eyes... tee hee... so rounded!
    - Aileen

  2. the lashes you have on are so fluffy <3

  3. Gorgeous! :) You have beautiful eyes!

  4. Haha- love this post. And actually, I had my laptop screen turned on too bright and missed the emotion descriptions. >.>'' That should prove you correct, though, as I correctly guessed what emotion you were trying to put across. ;P

    Also, you have, like, the most gorgeous eey shape-- and super nice eyebrows. :]]

    And now I go back to the MagicColour site to ogle at the many awesome series...

  5. Love your lashes! On a side note, your eyebrows look very nice too - have you ever bleached or dyed them? I have very dark black eyebrows and I was considering lightening them..

  6. Actually my brows are black. I have no idea why they look so brown here lol! Maybe the MUA used eyebrow mascara on me? I have never bleached them before and doubt I ever will.. Too lazy =x


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