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My 20th

Maybe no one noticed but I disappeared for a little bit (there were some scheduled posts and a pause). My part time job took some time getting used to and my 'internal clock' got messed up. But yesterday was my last day anyway.

The Bf and I have broken up so you won't be seeing photos of him on my blog anymore (I believe I've posted some in the past? o_0).

So it was my 20th birthday on the 21st of May (Sat). Happy BELATED birthday to Jen! Lol

Oh crap.. So now my age has officially gone from 1_ to 2_. Fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet and saggy skin is catching up with me! Oh well.. At least all those signify I've had an amazing 20 years, full of smiles, frowns, tears, laughter and probably squinting through my old glasses that should have been changed a long time ago lol I wouldn't say my life has been eventful but it hasn't been empty either. With so many great people around me, all those signs of aging happiness are worth it

Anyway.. Before my birthday, I had a mood to buy myself some presents.

That's just an excuse to shop. Pathetic..
No it isn't! Everyone deserves to have presents on his/her birthday.
Whatever you say..

FOTD. Bleh.. I'm getting boring with my makeup lol

We went to watch Something Borrowed, which wasn't as good as I expected =_= Just meh.. You might wanna skip this.

First time stepping into Body Bar. I've read reviews on the Madara stuff sold here and was curious.

Wasn't quite impressed with the odd smelling products there so I left with just 3 mini soaps. It's not that I like heavily perfumed stuff but if it's not going to smell good, I would prefer it to be scentless.

You know I like my handmade soaps... =) I think the wording at the back is really cute too..

Goodie bag from Nicole (who forgot my birthday, btw!) lol Thanks =) I've already used the Aster Spring voucher and discovered that I'm an underweight binge eater =_= More on that later in another post.

Angel informed me that the Stage sale was still going on so.... =x She's bad influence, I tell ya! I got the Picture Perfect Liquid Camouflage because it suits my skin tone quite well and I like the coverage. As for the gloss.. Well.. We all get something we don't really need once in a while =x

Bro got me a red Angry Bird plushie lol Which my mum thought another guy gave to me =_= It's now beside my pillow ^_^

Oh I almost forgot! Part of my birthday haul. My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime set which includes Black Pearl, Bulgarian White Rose and Earl Grey Tea & Macaron masks ^_^

I also watched Pirates of the Caribbean but it was disappointing =( Having watched the trailer, I really expected it to be good but I felt like sleeping halfway. How could they have messed up such a good storyline?! Maybe my expectations were just too high..

Best movie I watched recently has to be Fast 5 ^_^ I've watched all the previous ones and I still like it. Wish there were more cars though o_O

So I guess that's all for now~ I should be heading for a short trip with my friends this weekend (actually starting on Thurs) so blogging is on hold again lol


  1. Happy belated birthday~ ^^
    I just went to Stage which is having their promotions now too~ But I've success to fight the devil inside me from buying those stuff~ hahah~ XD

  2. happy belated 20th!! sorry to hear about your break up.. don't worry too much though, loads of guys out there just waiting for u.. :) i believe in getting present for myself too even when it's not my birthday.. lol

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, dearie! Hope you had a lovely celebration!

    Sorry to hear about the boy, but hey, looks like you're treating yourself well and have got tons to pamper yourself with. I really wanted that MBD set, but can't find them here :(
    Tell us how you get on with it

  4. I missed your blogging! You look great and I want those soaps! have a great trip with your friends

  5. OH no. sorry to hear abt 'the Bf' :(

    Hope you had a good 20th bday. Happy belated birthday! (i feel old :/)

  6. happy birthday! dont worry, age is jus a number & its an indication of how prettier you look! :)

  7. Wah... like seriously, I am of bad influence? Hahahahaha... at least you did pick up something useful from it, right? Hahahahaha... I can't stop laughing!

    Oh, no worries about more influences because Etude House's sales ended on Monday hence, all items will be sold at original retail prices. Hahaha... I went for my 4th trip there and picked up some of the discontinued items in which I love but they're not in production any longer. Sad...

    Anyway, cheer up about the relationship issue. I came around already from mine - that guy is a total jerk. Toyed with my feelings and ended up being with a medical doctor. Yeah, I might not be Miss Perfect but hey, who needs guy like that to be happy, right?

    Happiness is a state of mind, soul and emotion!

  8. YAY if you could do a review on the Earl Grey Tea & Macaron mask, I would really appreciate it :D How much did you purchase it for? It's majorly overpriced in Australia, so I buy them from eBay but they're still around $17 for a box of 10.. I'm sure they're much cheaper in Asia right?

    Great post! Thanks for updating so often :)

    AND happy belated birthday!!

  9. @ Janet
    Good for you! Hahaha! I usually have great willpower in this but the price was just too ridiculous and I would be a total idiot not to get something =x (excuses)

    @ Fatin
    Thanks Fatin~~ Nah.. Don't be sorry. I believe we're both happier now ^_^ and more happy days to come! =D

    @ Joey
    Thanks! Not available in the UK? Ask someone to buy for you lah lol

    @ Twinkle
    Thanks =) I'm sure it'll be fun with loads of food wakakka..

    @ Winter
    Thank you~~ =D

    @ Fiona
    LOL You are NOT old okay! Btw, heard of 'young at heart'? =P

    @ Kathlynn
    Thanks.. That's sweet of you =)

    @ Angel
    HAHAHAHHAA! You actually read that =x No more 'being influenced' for now! Waiting impatiently for my pay~~~ Sucks how companies like to discontinue stuff huh? =_=

    Good way to think but my case is a bit different. Nobody's perfect, ya know? Nobody is 'bad' either. They're just not right for you.. =) And.. I also believe in karma =P

    @ Lina
    I'm not sure about the price as I bought it in a set (the macaron one should be more expensive than the black pearl and white rose I think?). It's about 26USD for the box of 22 pcs. I will definitely review it. I've tried one piece already and I quite like it ^_^

    Actually price is quite hiked up here too.. MBD is much cheaper in Taiwan but in Malaysia, the price is about twice of that in Taiwan. We can buy it for a much lower price online but then there's the matter of not knowing if it's authentic =_= Argh! Stupid people who make fake everythings.

  10. Happy VERY belated birthday! : D (Yeah... I felt kinda' old when I hit 20 a couple months ago. -_-'' ) At least nobody can make teenager jokes~.

    And ooohh- those soaps look interesting. Handmades are so unique...

  11. happy belated birthday!

    20 is so young!!! I am 26 haha...

    lovely bday haul!


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