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Inglot In Sunway Pyramid

Okay.. So late in posting this but better late then never, right? xD Was here with Nicole and she was so so so excited about Inglot lol

Some swatches.. The eyeshadows are pigmented!

Falsies collection. There are even colourful individual lashes!

Nail stuff! There's normal polishes, O2 polishes, top coats, repairing ones, base coats, glitters, mattes (even the top coat that makes your nail polish matte) and nail art pens.

The three colourful tubes at the bottom are lip treatments.

These totally caught my eyes! So pretty.. @_@ Apparently to make a 3D effect on your lips.

Glosses come in a cute test tube like packaging.

So many lip colours!! Some mattes on the right.

Waterproof eyeliner gels in all sorta colours ^_^

More eyeshadows and liquid eyeliners on the left upper corner. So colourful plus some of them are glitter/shimmer meant to be used above colours. Some of them are pigmented while others are not.

Pigments. These are super duper awesome!! So so so so pigmented and the colour comes out beautiful.

Ice creaaaam! I got dark choco while Nicole got black sesame. Yum.. ^_^

I didn't manage to snap everything in the shop as the SA told me not to take pictures =_= There's still like foundations, more eyeshadows, makeup removers and concealers.


  1. The store looked soo much fun! and all the colours *_____*

    Can't wait to go there, I heard a lot of good stuff about their product. Really want to try their eyeshadow.

  2. eehhh, no pictures? =_= The SA or even the manager there should THANK you for free advertisement.. Inglot looks so cool! I've been hearing so much about their freedom palette system and can't wait to get my hands on some stuff =) Thanks for the pictures ^^ (no thanks to the SA..haha)

  3. *drools* I've been reading up so much on inglot lately, I think I need to own some :3

  4. There's one thing I'm very interested in - the price! LOLX! Hahaha.

  5. WoooW!

  6. Sorry I didn't post any prices lol A lot of the prices weren't displayed but I did ask for a few. It's definitely more expensive than drugstore. Maybe around MAC price (but I'm not familiar with MAC), perhaps a lil cheaper. Okay if you can pay for quality. The nail stuff I found to be a bit pricey though.. But then again, maybe I'm too used to cheapo ones =_=

  7. Sorry the salesperson told you not to take pictures because I was really loving the shots! I especially liked the falsies now that my extensions are falling out.


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