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Argh!! The Eiffel Tower!!

Bigabiga -
Ilya Glovatskiy -

Great.. She's finally gone nuts
Don't worry.. I'm still as sane as ever ^_^
(which wasn't really sane to start with =/)

Thanks to the stylish Fatin for the invitation! Wheee~~~ Was so excited when I got the message. Went to the Lancome Beauty Institute in Bangsar Village II to learn about the new Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Foundation.

So how exactly does this relate to the Eiffel Tower? Well.. We got the chance to check out the Lancome 29, St.Honoré Fall 2011 Collection (inspired by the Lancome boutique located there in Paris) and one product everyone was swooning over was the Maison Lancome blush.

Oh my god... I swear it looks better in real life (new camera soon!). Love the Eiffel Tower! This palette can be used as a blusher, to contour and as eyeshadow.

Anyway, Jean was chosen as the makeup model since she came bare faced. The MUA, Zamri showed off his skills on her using the new makeup products.

After skincare, Zamri applied the Lancome UV Expert Bright Eyes BB Base which brightened up her undereye (totally caught my interest) and UV Expert BB Base on the rest of the face to lightly brighten and conceal. If you're into a natural light coverage, this is good =) After that was the Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Foundation, Maison Lancome (contoured her face too since Jean complained of having a round face, which isn't true!), eyeshadow & liner (this palette comes with a brow brush cos the brown can be used for the brows too) and red lipstick.

* Foundation was applied in a circular motion using fingers to spread it and apparently it massages and reduces fine lines!
* Eye care was applied on her lips as the skin there is similar to the eye area
* Lipstick was applied using a brush to tone it down and the Bright Eyes BB Base applied over it to lighten it to a pinkish colour (Camie's idea I think)
* A lighter shade of concealer was used as highlighter
* Eyeshadow was used to line her eyes (this palette is pigmented!)

When it was time for contouring, my eyes stared at his hand as he reached for the Maison Lancome, dipped his brush into it and... Fiercely defaced it!!!!

Maridav -

That's when all of us went AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


Heartless jerk... =(

Lol just joking. Hope he didn't see that =x

Gosh.. I'm like jumping all over the place =_= This was before Jean's makeup. Zam informed us that there was going to be a little experiment. Ooo..~~ He scraped 2 foundations (One Lancome and one Brand X, which he refused to reveal to us =/) into a container and dropped oil into both of them. Lancome's powder is supposed to have good oil control and will absorb the oil.

After swirling the powders with a glass rod, the Lancome was still powdery but Brand X was turning into an oily paste. Point proven =)

Ahh.. Coffee, tea & pastries ^_^

Elle's hair clip ^_^ So pretty...

And THIS... Is a Cerebro...

Okay, if you don't know what a Cerebro is, it's that mind helmet thingy that Charles aka Professor Xavier uses in X Men. *nerd mode*

Pictures from Fatin~ Taken by Jeannie
All the hardworking bloggers listening attentively xD

Me, Traclyn & Ayna with the product lol

Me, Fatin & Ayna

I think the person who really stood out here is Stellar xD

According to Zamri, the next trend is gold eyeliner above black winged liner with spider leg lashes. Here's my feeble attempt. Sorry it's kinda messy. Was applied above makeup and I blinked too fast with wet mascara =_=

I used Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in Solid Gold, Heroine Make eyeliner & Rimmel The Max Bold Curves Mascara. Dazzle Grey lenses from MagicColour. (Traclyn also wore the same one! LOL Was staring at her eyes, trying to figure out if they were really the same)

Omg.. I just realized that I crapped so much that I didn't talk much about the product we actually went there to talk about! =_=" I guess I'll just leave that for the actual review post. Pfft.. But I'm liking it so far ^_^


  1. That eyelook looks sexy..XD A MUA asked me what's the latest makeup trend and I wasn't sure myself.. where the heck did they know what's in trend right now anyway? I hardly see anyone going about with gold eyeliner applied beneath black eyeliner..(not that I scrutinized at people's makeup..XD) oohh...that palette is nicee..I bet he saw a lot of it..that's why he's so cruel..XD LOL

  2. Come again? Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Foundation? Gosh, they're coming out with so many different range of foundations!

    I was so determined to try out their Teint Miracle and now, they're out with a new one - great, I've gotta dig my wallet already!

  3. I've seen the double liner trend but I have yet to try it out. I've only seen it done in pop colors and I definitely prefer the gold black version. I'm not sure I'd have the dexterity needed!

    Did you ever find out what brand X was?

  4. @ aisyah
    I wouldn't know either =_= In fact.. I'm not really into following trends. Just whatever that looks good on me lmao! I don't think people in Malaysia actually follow makeup trends that much =x He's probably used to it already lol

    @ Angel
    LOL!! Sell your old ones lor.. Dun dig so deep into your wallet xD

    @ Eden
    The gold black is more subtle and is actually not very noticeable since the gold is quite similar to my skin colour.

    Nope.. But I think any other brand would react that way although I have not tried it lol

  5. Aiyayayayai... I want to too but I still have 2 of Stage's foundations! Their foundations work wonder on me and really sayang to sell them! There's no more promotion already la, my dear... So, they're reverting the price back to RM90 per tube now.

    Teint Miracle retails for RM130 if I'm not mistaken. Teint Idole Ultra at RM126.

    What's the difference between Teint Miracle and Maqui Blanc?

  6. To tell the truth.. I have no idea. I didn't own the previous ones and was too stupid to ask =/

    According to Fatin.. "The difference is that Maqui Miracle offers brightness that lasts all day unlike Teint Miralce that offers hydration that lasts up to 18 hours." But she was talking about the powder lah.

  7. hi~can i know what contact lens are you using iat here?
    could you share your lens when you blog?

  8. Hi Sue, I did mention that the lenses are Dazzle Greys from MagicColour ^_^


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