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La Foret Ice Wine Rose Petal Mask

La Foret
Everything for Whitening and Soft Skin
Best quality, best technology, best price, uses organic ingredients

Caught your attention yet? =)

La Foret is a premium Skincare Brand from South Korea and they're planning to launch in Malaysia soon. Thanks to Nicole (a different one from the usual Nicole lol), I got the chance to try out their products before they reached our (dirty, turtle-less) shores.

I'll only be reviewing the Ice Wine Rose Petal Mask today as I have yet to try the other 2.

Product says : Deep hydration and soothing mask (pore tightening and brightening)

A rejuvenating and hydrating treatment sounds good right now since my skin is dull and dehydrated.

Tearing a small corner of the packet released a very nice sweet rose (like that of syrup) smell. Gosh.. And this mask looks like jelly! It's easy to spread and doesn't drip at all.

If I were to put it into a dessert cup with a spoon, confirm someone will eat it lols!

Source : Fotolia

When applied on my face, it has a cooling effect. The mask is reddish so you'll look like you got a major sunburn xD (Don't worry.. It doesnt stain lol) The 10g provided was a little over 1 usage so the full jar should last for a proper 8-9 usages.

I actually left it on longer than the recommended time of 5-10 minutes cos it smells so good. It says to wash with warm water but I had slight difficulty removing it due to it's jelly-like texture which was slippery and it stuck to my face.

First thing I noticed was that my face was brightened! Skin was also softer, smoother and more supple. I had dry cheeks this morning but the mask fixed them ^_^ I actually wouldn't mind purchasing this but I'll have to find out the price first *cheapo*

Size : 75 g / 2.64 oz (mine is sample size)
Sold at : La Foret
Made in Korea

Pros : Sweet rose smell, cooling, looks nice xD, brightening, hydrating
Cons : A little hard to remove, not available locally (yet)

My conclusion : This product is not bad.. ^_^ Wonder if it's edible.. =x

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. oh this mask seems interesting! can't wait to try it, Hopefully they will release soon :)

  2. prove that Koreans should be envy! another awesome brand! that looks like something I spread on my bread..haha..XD La Foret is it? I shall wait for it..muahaha.. do you know whether Nicole still hv some samples to try out? I'd like to try this one! =D

  3. LOLX!

    I laughed at your statement, 'wonder if it's edible?' Well, perhaps, you could try and let us know the taste. Who knows it's sweet or anything and I might be tempted to get too.

  4. @ Syaza
    Yes! Faster come here! xD

    @ Aisyah
    Sorry.. All the samples have been given out already. But don't worry.. you'll get the chance to try them when they arrive here ^_^

    @ Angel
    It's already so yummy looking and smelling. If it's sweet, they're gonna have people buying it to eat it! It did actually cross my mind to stick my tongue out and lick it but.. Nah.. LOL

  5. Ohh...too bad! But will do when they reach here.. =D

  6. ; w ; I'm so jealous of all your great masks lately. Have you noticed that a lot of masks have food themes or ingredients? White chocolate and truffle masks come to mind, avocado...honey...banana...It all sounds like a very odd breakfast! I'm glad this worked out so well for you, I wonder if I could get it here in the States.

  7. @ Eden
    Yes! But it just makes me wanna try it more xD I'm not sure if it's available outside Korea since I can't read the website lol


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