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My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask

Is it stupid that when I hear Black Pearl I immediately think of..

Must be the Pirates of the Caribbean fever ~_~

Aaaanyway.. I'm talking about THIS Black Pearl.

Again.. Almost too pretty to use >_< Seashells, starfishes & seaweed.. There's a light fresh smell that's relaxing. Upon putting this on my face, I felt a slight tingling sensation and it's cool even though I did not place this in the fridge. With the smell + cool mask, I almost fell asleep!

Honestly, so far these upgraded My Beauty Diary masks are the best masks I've ever used (I haven't used many though lol). My face feels so plump and moisturized immediately after use. The minty cool feel is still there and my dull face is brightened.

I think the effects even lasted til the next morning, giving me a glowing complexion for my interview ^_^

Product says : For whitening & firming
Ingredients :

Size : 30 g / 23 ml
Price : RM 63.88 for a box of 17
Bought from : Pharmacy
Made in Taiwan

Pros : Smells good, pretty packaging, tingling sensation, cooling, relaxing, moisturizing, brightening
Cons : -

My conclusion : Love this mask! No wonder it's one of the popular ones. I want to get mooooreee!~~~

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