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I'm An Addict

Every now and then I'll reach for that lil round cylinder and smooth it's tip on my lips. I'll do it at home, in the car, his house, in the mall, college, before bed, after meals and just whenever I feel like it.

If you're my Bf, you'll roll your eyes at this post. I'm a total lip balm addict. My lips feel bare without lip balm. I can go out without lipstick or gloss but oh never! without lip balm. I think he's sick of seeing me applying it lol

I apply lip balm so much, I should just call it my hobby.

Unlike lipsticks, lip balms are not coloured. Unless you're talking about the tinted ones. They do not change your appearance. So why am I so hooked to them?
1. I love the way it feels when I smack my lips together and I feel something there. Sometimes I even rub my lips together to feel the smoothness (depending on the lip balm, of course).
2. Lip balms make my lips look good. 'Nuf said.
3. Lip balms don't smear on your clothes/chin/teeth/food/glass/straw and leave a mark. However, they still give that shine.
4. Lip balms (untinted) are never the wrong shade.
5. Tinted lip balms give colour AND moisture whilst lipsticks can be drying.
Now, please tell me I'm not alone in this. Perhaps we can make a Lip Balm-ers Annonymous group. But then again, why would we want to be cured of this wonderful addiction? =D


  1. I love lip balm too.. but I am not as addicted as u are.. LOL

  2. lol! I get emo when I realize that I forgot to bring my lip balm out.

  3. haha!

    i just use it underneath lipsticks but i know what you said about smacking the lips & rubbing then just to feel that 'silky' feeling!

  4. well, your points sure are valid..XD I love lip balms a lot too but for some reason, I buy a lot of lip sticks nowadays (and not actually wearing them a lot..XD haha)

  5. You are deffo not alone! I love lip balm as well! It's good for you lips and gives them that healthy, sexy shine without having to look in a mirror to apply... it's a total must-have for me!

  6. @ Thiamere
    I think sometimes it may look odd when I do so lol! Like what is that girl doing with her lips?? xD

    @ aisyah
    Same! LOL! But I collect eyeshadows and lip glosses too. then dump them one side =_=

    @ Leslie
    Yeah~~ No mirror needed xD


    I too am an addict. I need balm on my lips at the very least, if not some good gloss on top as well. My boyfriend rolls his eyes whenever I reapply. He says he prefers my natural lips (which - luckily have some pink tinge to them on their own.) But I hate the feeling of bare lips! I also love the LOOK of freshly balmed lips.

  8. Thirded: I pull out my Nivea once an hour, on average. And if I'm at home and I exfoliate my lips, it's a night of petroleum jelly/vaseline applications. Haha.

    Man... balm's the best. <3

  9. lol i'm slowly getting into lip balms but am not head over heels about them, yet :3


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