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Yes, this is an Ad but the deal's so good, I had to share it.

"MAD Deal of the Day: RM29.90 instead of RM420 for A Complete Beauty Regime: Head, Eyes, Neck, Shoulder & Bust Massage + Eye Brow Trimming + Facial Spa + Detox Back Massage + Detox Foot Bath & Massage + Door Gift + Evening Makeup at JL De Beauty & Slimming Centre, 2 locations, Penang.

Soft supple skin, is a sign of youth and health. Detox your body, get a good massage and get a make up door gift as well. Great for girls.

Buy it for your girlfriend/wife!"

Click HERE to view the deal. If only it's available elsewhere!! =( 93% off is no joke..

If you're from KL and the spa stuff just ain't your thing, there's a deal for people who love their nails.

"MAD Deal of the Day: RM35 instead of RM138 for Manicure + Pedicure + Classic Nail Art OR French Manicure / Pedicure at Bee Bee Nail, Fahrenheit 88.

Girls, nail the look! After this nail pampering session, head on over to Uniqlo to find an outfit to match your nails! Whaddabout that?"

Link : HERE
Ok this one's FREE =D

"Ahhh.. How I envy those who has dandruff-free and silky hair. How do they do it?

What do I have to do to achieve that hair?

You've come to the right place! Yun Nam Haircare is here to comb your troubles away.

Yun Nam Hair Care is here to grant you the ultimate wish: 1 FREE customized first Herbal treatment with no obligations, no strings attached!

Whether you’re balding or battling with dandruff, Yun Nam has the solution for you!"

 Click HERE to find out more.

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