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Watson's Olive Body Scrub

 Watson's Olive Body Scrub bottle
Watson's Olive Body Scrub ingredients list

Got this during my scrub phase =_= I have a lot of these phases, where I will buy buy buy then lose interest in them. I remember there were other variants but I chose olive cos it's moisturizing.

It smells good (a little heavy, perhaps), spreads well, doesn't lather and is cheap. I think it's kinda watery though and there weren't enough beads inside to exfoliate properly. It leaves a film on skin after washing so skin is smooth. Smell lingers for a while so it's good to cover strong scents on your body like smoke, fishy smell or if you have BO. This scrub is neither moisturizing nor drying.

Watson's Olive Body Scrub cap

One thing I didn't like was the nozzle. The watery scrub would rush out of the big nozzle so fast, sometimes I end up pouring too much. Also, I place it on my sink and somehow, water collects in the cap o_O

Size : 200 ml
Price : About RM 15
Bought from : Watson's
Made in Thailand

Pros : Smells good, spreads well, cheap
Cons : Big nozzle, watery, not enough beads

My conclusion : Not sure if I'll repurchase this. Doesn't really serve it's purpose but I do like the fact that it can cover smells quickly.


  1. you should try the st. ives scrub :D using one now! i find it so good since it's all natural, it's kind of thick, has a suitable amount of scrub, plus there's a few type to choose :D it even smells good ;)

    LOLOL i got about 100-110 for one cane before my fingers went numb from holding the blade T____T

    and, they do! :D i'd recommend seche vite or China Glaze Fast Forward. never used Seche Vite before tho :\ oh and also, you could experience shrinkage if youre using a fast drying top coat :\ if you want glossy, go for SV :P but i heard that SV will go goopy halfway through the bottle so i chose ChG ;X

  2. I have a tube of the facial scrub and I use it for my body LOL!

    Gosh.. Kinda regret buying the 100 canes now.. How am I going to slice all of them. LOL I bought about RM50 worth or items from that seller =_= so dam cheap

    I've heard many good things about Seche Vite. Someone said there was a spray or something sold at Daiso that has the same function! Must check it out but I keep forgetting

  3. LOLOL. my friend suggested me doing that before but i hesitated so i didnt :P

    and, hahah, since im getting 100 canes and i dont have enough space, so im only gonna slice them when i need them. or slice a few first. xD IKR. SO BLOOOODY CHEAP THAT I FEEL CHEATED NOW BUYING FROM THOSE RESELLERS+PASAR MALAM.

    and also, yeaaah :D i tried finding the spray before but i couldnt T____T asdfghjkl. i think i might have better luck finding it in the Daiso at curve :\

    ps:// i swear it wasnt my fault you spent that certain amount of money cause i was just sharing a good deal ;P

  4. im considering getting pill boxes for them =_= or mini zip lock pouches =/ last time I saw people selling for about RM 8 per stick! =O

    LOL!! I blame it all on youuuuu =P

  5. LOLOL i think zip locks are easier :P using for some of them now xD and, really O.O max i saw was like.. Rm5? i think :\

    and, hahahah :PPP


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