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Mai Ramen, Jaya One

Okay, this is going to be a short one cos I just wanna share my experience rant about this stupid place. Nicole & I ate at Mai Ramen for lunch on Saturday. I flipped through the menu and found that it was a bit overpriced (this is not some fancy restaurant okay!) so I just ordered an RM 6 scoop of black sesame ice cream, which was not as creamy as I wanted. It's also quite icy =_= Even the one I had with my RM 10 Japanese set (which came with chawanmushi, noodles and drink) at a food court was better!

Nicole had a bento set which consisted of teriyaki chicken, salmon sashimi, potato, salad, chawanmushi, miso soup, fruits and rice. She gave me the salmon sashimi. The moment I saw it, I felt like it didn't look fresh. The colour was abit faded, it wasn't plump and it was coming apart =_= Didn't taste very good either.

Didn't bring my camera so here's a sucky shot of the salmon sashimi.

I was eating halfway and felt a bone poke my tongue =_= I usually just gobble my sashimi down and this bone could have poked my throat or gum. I'm pretty sure sashimi is supposed to be boneless o_O I conclude that this salmon is worse than Sushi King or the ones you buy at Jusco!

Oh yeah, the plate it's on was from our table and it was dusty =_= The restaurant is kinda open and it's located beside a road inside Jaya One. Chopsticks were also placed in an open container.

I wouldn't recommend this place at all..


  1. Ewww, looks disgusting. Hope you didn't get ill from eating there!


  2. Thankfully, I didn't. My tummy isn't that strong. I had an upset tummy after having a bun with moulds *shivers* Not the first time too. Need to learn to look at the bun before eating it!

  3. oh my O.O never eating there. even if i'm super despo to eat some salmon sashimi >.> jusco ones are good! love eating from there cause most of them seems so juicy :D *drools*

    Reply: LOLOL. i think i was :P and, cehhh, hahah. that amount would be good if you want to become a reseller or want to be a nail artist what :D or if you just like playing around with them xP

    LOLOL. i thought max is around like 100 O.o dang, i thought i geng enough after i slice like 100 for one cane -___-" for those super fat one only la :P cause like 50% thin, 50% not that thin i cut, so weird :P inconsistent xD

    LOLOL. i use two layers of watery top coat(TFS top coat) but since it takes forever to dry, i use China Glaze Fast Forward :D but i only do it for fimo. if i apply gem, i wont apply top coat over cause the shiny-ness will be gone T____T

  4. lol.. i stick here stick there xD It's cheaper than buying smaller amounts at the night market anyway =_=

    This is mine. Less than half of the stick edi 50 pieces xD I oni managed to do 4 designs before I got a major back ache from hunching over it x_X

    Those fast dry top coats. do they really work ah?


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