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My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask

I'm really looking forward to using these MBD masks every time. They're just so nice to use ^_^

I thought I'll try another oil control mask since the Strawberry Yogurt one didn't quite impress me with its oil controlling abilities. This one has pore refining properties too.

Actually are these mask-on-face shots even needed? I like seeing them in reviews but this whole range is gonna look the same. Would it be weird if I just reuse the same pic (like now)? xD

Anyway, just like the others.. This smelt like it's name. Sour green apples, to be exact. Not so sour until it made me crinkle my nose but it reminded me of a certain sour candy xD The sheet was very very moist and comfortable.

Although it's for oil control, this mask was actually very moisturizing. There was also a brightening effect and my pores were much smaller o_O This resulted in an overall smoother face (I hope this isn't psychological lol). I can't comment on the oil control as I went out right after that and had makeup on.

Ingredients :

Size : 30 g / 23 ml
Price : RM 63.88 for a box of 17
Bought from : Guardian

Pros : Brightening, shrinks pores, moisturizing, smells good, thin sheet
Cons : -

My conclusion : On the fence with this but I quite like it ^_^ I might try it again some other day.

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