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While I Was Away

Well, not really away but while my computer couldn't start up (hence my absence from blogging). Just to keep you updated lol I've gotten an updated version of Kaspersky and the Trojan is gone. Yay! *throws confetti*

I did my hair! Permed it this time. It's different from my usual long straight hair and I like it! ^_^ Will be writing on the Korean salon once I've sorted the pics. I have dam alot to say (went twice!) so give me some time.

Went to my first Nuffnang movie screening (Beastly) with Nicole. I'm beginning to like this whole Nuffnang thing lol I have tix for World Invasion : Battle Los Angeles on Tuesday too ^_^ Anyone else going? o_O

And I saw Cheesie & Audrey there. Made a fool of myself cos I was so excited =_= Saw a familiar Liz Lisa top from the corner of my eyes and beside her was mermaid hair lol! So yeah.. Easy to spot.

FOTD. Sigh.. I miss my hair T_T Products used : YSL Matt Touch Primer, Physician's Formula concealer, Elf HD Powder, WnW Blusher (Pearlescent Pink), Elf Custom Eyeshadow (Moondust), Solone Eyeliner (Black & Gold), ZA Plumper Lips (05 Innocent Rose), ZA Plumper Lip Gloss (02 Fire Opal), Maybelline Magnum Mascara & Daiso Eyeshadow Palette (Brown).

Dinner at Chili's with Bf =) Tried out some new products wakkaka... I still look kinda the same though (refer to pic above LOL). Except my skin looks better above cos of the camera =P Products used : YSL Matt Touch Primer, Physician's Formula concealer, Elf HD Powder, WnW Blusher (Pearlescent Pink), elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer, WnW Idol Eyes (Pixie), Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette (Walk of Shame), Maybelline Gel Liner (Brown), Max Factor False Lash Effect, Daiso Eyeshadow Palette & ZA Plumper Lips (05 Innocent Rose).

I don't know what this is but it's steak + chicken + prawns with capsicum, onions and this plate of stuff you eat it with. There was cheese, sour cream, green stuff, vege & tomato. Also comes with some capati-like bread lol You're supposed to put them all into the bread and eat. Yummy ^_^

Bought a pack of My Beauty Diary masks from Guardian for RM 63.88. It's about RM 3.50/pc online + RM 6 Poslaju so this is actually cheaper! Can't wait to try them out =)

Won a Guess Mini Autograph watch from Female mag ^_^ I don't wear watches so I think I should sell it. It looks so pretty though T_T~

While I've been blogging deprived, all the ideas go into this little planner (at least the empty pages don't go to waste) and sometimes I'll type it up in my dad's super bright Netbook. A portable computer is useful but I've lost count of the 'Internet Explorer not responding's and times I accidentally pressed the touch pad and it messes things up =_=" I still prefer the desktop computer.. It's odd that during this short time, I've come up with some different topics to blog about. I'll be posting them soon lol

Went to Curve cos an excited little boy wanted to pick up his game. Dragon Age 2 was out last Tuesday xD It looks dam good!! And I dolled up cos I'm vain =_= Btw, just caught a glimpse of the maid cafe in Curve o_O Interesting... I saw a young girl dressed up in a pink maid outfit serving and talking to 2 guys lol No offense but any guy seen in that cafe is gonna look like a pervert LOL

It's my Bf's birthday today so I got him a bodybuilding supplement (omg I'm so un-romantic lol) and made him a kiddy handmade bday card xD The bday card was from my 'productive day', which I will soon blog about =/ All these drafts and photos waiting to be edited is driving me nuts =_=" Oh yeah, I used colour pencil for the card. COLOUR PENCIL! Pfft.. And no, I don't have a pic of it, before anyone asks.

I actually still have a small mountain of pictures to post but I'll put them in different posts =x I've just been bringing my camera around and snapping everything lol Discovered I like taking pics of designs o_O Like a wooden mat, tiles and scattered objects.


  1. maids cafe also @ curve? i only knew there's one in kepong hehe

    xoxo elle

  2. I'm not sure eh! I just saw a pink shop with maid inside lol.. Must drop by to see when I'm there again.


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