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Stars Hair Salon, Solaris Mont Kiara

I feel compelled to write a long ass post for Stars Salon cos they permed my hair twice and didn't charge me for the 2nd one (I wasn't happy with the first result). Read on to find out more.

Last pic of us in straight hair. This hair was from the Cleo Hair Makeover (curls were temporary). Got kinda bored of it lol

Stars Hair Salon is a Korean salon located in Solaris Mont Kiara. If you're using GPS, search for Maybank Solaris Mont Kiara. It's a few shops away from Maybank, located above Restoran Little Korea on the 2nd floor. Details will be given below.

It's clean and neat inside. Notice how it says 'Welcome Stars'? Lol Apparently it's from Korea but they moved here for their daughter's education (aww...) and they used to provide service for some Korean celebs! The husband is helping out at the salon and they have an assistant whom I think is from Indonesia? Not sure..

Koreans are super friendly btw. The husband served us drinks (Korean tea!), kept our bags (away from robbers & thieves) and asked if we wanted magazines. The place is filled with Korean magazines! It's so comfy, I almost felt like I was getting my hair done at home lol

We were given these robes to wear (never experienced this in salons before lol). That's the stylist. She does her work in super stylish hair & super high wedges =/

Everything there is so Korean lol Korean songs, Korean MTV, Korean tea, Korean magazines etc. Super jealous at all the ullzangs in the mags =_=

The hair washing area was different. Or maybe I just need to go to the salon more =_= Usually it's like a dentist's chair and you just lie on a hard bed. When you sit down here, the chair, back rest & sink moves =/ So cool lah! lol

Right. Now for the results (after Korean wax & blow dry). Apparently I got natural waves cos of miscommunication between me, sis, sister's Korean employer (translator) and stylist lol So.. If you're planning to go here, just bring a picture of your desired hair and be prepared for alot of hand signals lol I wanted CURLS, not waves. Btw, if you look at the back, it's barely curly.

That day itself, the waves started straightening and by Day 2, my hair looked like a frizzy mess. It's neither straight nor curly. Just somewhere in between and that's not pretty =_=" My sister got curls but some strands weren't so curled. Both of us also agreed that the curls were stronger on our right, resulting in uneven hair length. But apparently the hair is the latest thing in Korea o_O Guess we're just outdated lol It may be popular now but not my taste.

Price list :

We went for lunch at Meatworks. Had the lunch set (pasta & fruits).

Few days later, I went back to redo my hair and drove myself. WTH lo.. I took 2 wrong roads (which lead to the same place and toll), paid RM 8 in total for toll fees and took 40 minutes ZZZ... Luckily I had a GPS and it brought me to the third and correct road. Should have just listened to it instead of looking at signboards =_= Grr..

So now my hair's super curly (still not what I initially wanted but oh well..) and has much more volume. Korean wax wasn't very good but bro-in-law's sister provided us with a wonderful hair mousse lol

Contact details :
Director : Choi Mi Kyung
Hp no : 016-271 5237
Tel : 03-6204 0596
Address : No 5-2, Jalan Solaris 1, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 KL


  1. hahah, yeahhh. apparently waves/curls are trending in korea. especially with bob cut :P i find that it makes girl look more kawaii :PPP and also, my aunt(whom is a hairstylist) also wears heels when she's working O: and i swear she sets a rule or smth for this, cause the other girls who work in her shop wears heels too.. ;P

  2. lol It just makes me look old =_= Guess my hair's too long. Should have cut shorter before perming. Darn! I guess stylist requirement is to be stylish lol

  3. Woww~~. You look gorgeous with waves (and curls, too). o:

    I haven't curled my hair a year. Haha.

  4. I hope your hair will adapt to the changes. I got my hair straightened a month ago and the ends were damaged so badly I had to take a pair of scissors and cut it before work. After a few washes and heavy conditioning, my hair is starting to become healthier. I hope it's the same for you. Condition condition condition! You and your sis look SO alike! ;)

  5. @ Noxin
    Thanks! ^_^ This is my first time perming lol

    @ Jen
    Yup.. My hair is so super damaged now. Gonna pamper it non stop lol It's worse than rebonding =(


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