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Never Forget Your Friends

Good friends are hard to find. So don't lose them.

You may never find another one like him/her.

This is Adelyn & Marian. I've known the angelic Adelyn since primary school and Marian in Form 2. I even took A Levels with Adelyn and I should be taking a degree course in Marian's college xD

*Pause for vain shot of me*

Okay. We arrived early so had lunch at New York New York Deli. I was absolutely drooling over everything in the menu. It was a little pricey but just look at those pictures!

Marian ordered some kinda white chocolate with marshmallows, cream and chocolate powder sprinkled on top. Mmm..

I had a beef lasagna. Cheesy but a little bland. Bleh.. Just order something else.

Adelyn's I-dunno-what-set. The bacon wrapped around the sausage was yummy!

Marian's huge burger and fries.

We watched Black Swan (so so so disturbing.. but awesome). And I took a silly picture with the Rango poster lol There was this girl giggling at me as she walked past. Pfft!

I ate again after the movie at Fish & Co. Salmon salad wasn't as good as Dave's but after that movie, I just wanted something to eat O_O There was no good ice cream so this will have to do..

Eve came to join us for the movie and we decided to take pics in the bathroom cos it had good lighting and a big mirror =_= We took about a dozen shots but I chose this cos the only one where we're all looking at the camera wasn't so 'happy' lol

Later on, Eve, Marian & I went to the night market and had bubble tea. Yay! Bubble tea tasted like PERFUME but I hauled some nail stuff from the night market xD Zomg those pastel colours look lovely. I hope they look as good on my nails o_O And the lady recommended these French Nail tip guides.

So we practically spent the whole day gossiping, talking about old times and just anything we can think about. We even argued as to how we met. Remembering all the funny things that happened and all the things we did together. These are the kind of memories I want to bring forward in my life. I wouldn't mind having a few laugh lines because of them.

Okay.. Maybe not the laugh lines.

But I still love you all lol!


  1. LOL! you cakap saje.. where's my pizza?!

  2. Jingyi, Remember what you did to us a few days ago on facebook?

    :P :P back at you jingyi

    *satisfied now*


  3. me leh? i need love too :P oo lala~


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