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My Experience With P1 W1MAX

When I see P1 W1MAX, it reminds me of all the sexed up advertisements they've been fiercely using to publicize their company =_=

So my dad signed up for a trial pack on the 1st of March since I've been complaining about our Streamyx internet speed. Initial plan was to change to Unifi but no coverage at my house yet wth.. Since it's free, okay lah..

Anyway, the modem is so bright o_O Lime green and white. Shape is not very practical though and it has to be placed near a window/door.

Wonder if someone will just reach in and steal the modem =_= 

It was beside my door (just a few inches away!) and signal strength is only average. Speed is probably a lil faster but nothing to rave about since there are times that I can't even connect

My dad asked the P1 guy about Unifi and he said "Aiya.. Next year only lah". Well dad, smart move asking him about their competitor =_=

My friend who is using Unifi can download anime episodes faster than I download songs.


Anyway, we returned it on the third day. My dad said there were so many people returning theirs and complaining a hell lot. This guy had used it for 6 months, thinking it just needs time but was disappointed.

I'll just stick to my sucky Streamyx and wait for Unifi. Sigh..


  1. Not that I wanna criticize P1 but honestly, it sucks. I've been with P1 since 1.5 years ago and you know what? Once, I was doing my assignment until 2am or so, all of a sudden, the line was cut off and I couldn't connect until the next 2 days. No notice given!!! Fancy I needed to run out to the nearest McD with WiFi in the wee hour of dawn, needing to use their WiFi - wasted my RM10 on their McValue Meal. Hahaha.

    No more P1. Decided to terminate their service by July.

  2. wth? That's horrible! Phew.. Lucky mine was trial only.

  3. i was p1wimax for 1yr, nobody tell me that it works like astro eg rain means no connection grr so exactly 1yr, went to terminate it at their hq federal hwy..brought the modem along, but no nid to return since i 'paid' for it in the beginning (i dint realise that) then 1mth later, received email said i owe them rm999 wtf? called them up, they said its a mistake, apologise n i neva hear from them anymore, thank goodness :)


  4. What! I didn't know that.. They really leave out alot of details huh =_=


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