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Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick (Pink Blush)

Yay! First time I got a lippie to try out, thanks to Yuberactive. The moment I tore open the plastic, this huge wave of cherry scent hit me. It smells like cherry flavoured candy canes and I love cherry flavoured candy canes xD The case is a dark shimmery colour with a silver band and their crown at the top.

Now, 006 Pink Blush isn't a shade I would buy at all. It's a blue toned pink, I think? It's unsuitable for my skin tone but for the sake of doing this review, I wore it anyway. It turned out okay, I guess. I think my pink glasses gave me the confidence though. It just sorta balanced out the lipstick lol

It goes on smoothly and isn't too drying. I would prefer more moisture though. This would look better with a gloss on top. It doesn't settle into my lip lines but doesn't reduce them either. Pigmentation is buildable and it can go on sheer if you just tap. This is good since I can control the colour intensity so it's not so bright and in-your-face.

Since the name of this lipstick is Lasting Finish, I tested this for lasting power. Without eating/drinking, this held up pretty well. And it's a colour that turns heads, alright lol
The other colours look interesting too.

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Product says :
+25% more colour impact
Up to 8 hours wear
Colour that turns head!

Lasting Finish lipstick is the beauty equivalent of the little black dress. The iconic timelessly stylish staple you turn to when you need to look your best.

Its improved formula with Colour Protect™ technology will provide an intense long lasting colour for up to 8 hours and +25% colour impact on your lips!

Smooth creamy texture for comfortable wear all day long and an easy application.


Size : 4 g / 0.14 oz
Price : RM 21.90
Made in England

Pros : Cherry scented, smooth application, doesn't settle into lip lines, pigmentation buildable
Cons : A lil drying, shade unsuitable for me

My conclusion : The lipstick itself is not bad but this shade isn't for me. I would also prefer a less drying lipstick since my lips are always so dry.

** Product was provided by Yuberactive for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. Wow, this lipstick looks gorgeous on you! Great swatches.

  2. Are you serious?? I look like a ghost with this on lol Too pale, washes me out.

  3. Pshhh- I don't think it looks awful or anything-- it just sort of washes you out a little bit. o: I think the colour is rather darling~. <3

    I bet if you mess around with the rest of your makeup's palette, you could make the colour work better, despite it not necessarily complementing your skin tone.


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