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A Productive Day

During the short period when I was deprived of my computer and proper blogging, I had to turn to other alternatives to keep myself entertained. I call this a productive day since it is like no other day when I wake up, plop myself on the couch and proceed to stare at a black box that produces colourful images and sounds.

No.. For on that day I had much more important things to do.

I poured out my tiny nail accessories and had a little photoshoot session with my new Guess Mini Autograph watch, which I'm planning to sell. Anyone interested? I'm serious here.

I then painstakingly collected them by shape and placed them back into the container =_= My eyes almost died from trying to differentiate stars from flowers and triangles from hearts!

Then I was reminded of these fimo clays I got from the night market. You slice them into thin slices and stick them on your nails, phone, notebook etc. It's said that you can get at least 50 pieces out of one stick.

I was like no waaayy you're getting 50 pieces out of that!

So I took on the challenge. And lost. True indeed. I think you can get over a hundred if you're really careful. So I got some pretty new decorations and a back ache from hunching over the blade =_=

Ahh.. The feeling of satisfaction lol

I carry my lip balm everywhere with me so I thought I'd prettify it a little. Now I feel prettier just using it xD But to tell the truth, UHU probably wasn't the best choice to be used on a smooth surface. The decos moved a little =/

I also used the flowers to decorate my bf's birthday card. I've used them on my nails before but they kept coming off when I wash my hair so I got sick of them =_=
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  1. hi, which night market do you usually go to? those fimo nail art canes look awesome :)

  2. Monday in SS2.. =) Sometimess I go to the Thursday one at Chow Yang also

  3. icic. haha. thanks for ur reply. I'm actually trying to get some cheap fimo nail art canes.

    I've checked the ebay seller Art-La-Lic's fimo nail art canes and realized they do not ship to malaysia. how did you manage to get yours?

  4. OH! I just checked and the list of countries has grown =/ The seller used to ship to Malaysia.. =(


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