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Products Finished in February

*sigh* Can't even bring myself to read the Tsunami news today. Stopped halfway. It was too sad to read. So let's just talk about my empties during February (so overdue).

1. Botani Olive Hand Cream sample
Not one to care for my hands lol Sorry hands.. Won't be purchasing this.

Phew.. Finally done with these. I like a range that finishes together. Then I can try out a new brand / range without mixing the products. Not too impressed with this range so I won't be repurchasing.

3. Oxy 5 Vanishing Formula
Initially too drying for me but it seems to work better now. Not sure if I should repurchase this or something similar. Tea tree oil seems to work fine for me now.

4. Spa Ingredients Akapulco Soap
This soap actually has leaves in it! At first I thought they were disgusting brown I-dunno-whats. Glad to know they're just leaves. Don't feel so geli now lol It's a lovely mix of blue, off-white and purple. Lathers well and is creamy.

I need more of this! Wanted to restock that day but found out that the Watson's in 1 Utama has closed down >_< Omg I just found out they didn't close down but just moved across WTH! How blur can I be? *bangs head on table*

I started off disliking this but it's a must have for me before bed every night now! A thick layer of this before bed gives me soft lips in the morning ^_^

7. Watson's Energising Eye Mask
When my eyes are feeling really tired, I pop these in the fridge and place them under my eyes while I have a short nap. It feels really good and instantly refreshes my eyes. Already have another box of it =)

8. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion
My favourite body lotion so far! Repurchased already. Gonna use this until I find another one that's better.


  1. Hi Isabel,
    I am AliceQ here.

    The soap is Spa Ingredients Akapulco Soap. Its not from B&B Organics.

    I just want to clarify this item.


  2. Lots of empties, yey! I wish I could find Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion, I've heard so much raves about it.

  3. @ Alice
    Oh! Sorry hahaha.. I threw away the wrapping. Thought it was from B&B. Correction made =)

    @ Gaby
    It's really good ^_^ But this is the Fragrance free version. The new one I have is not fragrance free and the smells is so strong =_=


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