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Sucker Punch

Thanks to Nuffnang, I got to watch Sucker Punch in advance yesterday! ^_^ Wasn't in a good mood cos of a few things though.

ONE : 1 Utama was quite full for a Tuesday. It was hard to find parking and we haven't had dinner T_T Really stupid cos I finally decided to go to the 5th floor and found out.. IT WAS EMPTY! @$@#% Was already 8.20~ when I reached GSC (collection starts at 8). So we sat third row from the front =(

TWO : Couldn't find Nuffnang redemption counter cos it was blocked by the Hot Magazine one =_=" Can't you put bigger signs or something??! My eyesight is not 20/20 and I certainly can't see through a whole line of people.

THREE : Rushed for dinner at Dave's (again). I ordered Spaghetti with Bacon, Meatballs & Mushrooms in EVOO. OMG... This was heavenly! Definitely wanna eat this again. Tastes so dam good! Much better than the previous seafood pasta. Bf ordered seafood fettuccine with extra seafood. When the 1st plate arrived, I felt odd but couldn't quite tell why. My bf claimed the plate to be his but soon realized that there were meatballs AND seafood inside LOL! According to the waitress, the computer messed up the order =_= The extra seafood was added to my plate. Both waitress and manager quickly apologized (very good customer service there) but we just said it's okay. No biggie anyway. Just throw the seafood over to his plate. In the end, the manager gave us FREE extra seafood.

FOUR : Reached GSC at 9+ but the movie hasn't started (phew..). Our seats were H11 & H12 but somehow, the whole H row was full =_= WTH?! Confirmed with someone that we are indeed in the CORRECT cinema. I just went through the row of people and asked the two guys sitting in our seats "are you in the wrong seat?" which they immediately responded to with a "oh sorry wrong seat" without even checking their tickets, which means they knew! Then they just moved to the end and sat there =_= People like this.. should just fall down the stairs and stay in the hospital.

Thankfully, the movie was okay. It's like Inception man..

It's jam packed with hot girls fighting in sexy clothes. What more do you want? Lol There's unrealistic & exaggerated fight scenes, kinda like in a computer game. But it's their imagination anyway.. CGI was awesome. Each 'fight' has it's own loud music (nice!) and fantasy scene. It just amazes me how those girls remain so hot and without a scratch lol And they're wearing heavy blusher + dark rimmed eyes + falsies the entire time. Makeup was quite pretty too ^_^ Love all the glittery eyes and their outfits!
Spoilers! In case you are blur and didn't understand the movie lol Highlight to read.

- She pulled the trigger and shot her sister (why did the bulb burst, then?)
- Inception style, the institute is the 1st level, brothel 2nd level & fighting/war 3rd level lol Basically, she and the other girls made up the whole brothel thing as a way of coping (like what Madam Gorski said). Then again made up the whole war/fighting scenes.
- Remember the part about the Angel being in any form? Bf said the old man was an angel. That's why he helped Sweet Pea in the bus.
- Kinda bummed cos never actually saw what was Babydoll's dance
- I was shocked with the ending. Thought it would be another happy ending where everyone gets out alive. All of a sudden, three are dead =/

I guess this is worth watching in the cinema ^_^ Unless you have good surround sound system at home haha.. And your neighbours don't mind the loud music =/

Sucker Punch comes out tomorrow so don't forget to reserve/purchase your tickets in advance if you don't wanna be disappointed.

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