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FOTD : Weeping Geisha

It's not hungry ghost month but still.. I hope I don't scared anyone with my pictures =x

This is for Alicia of Funny Face Beauty. She's having a Dare to Wear Charity Challenge to raise funds for Japan.

For every person who accepts this challenge, her family will donate $10 to Japan through The Canadian Red Cross.

Well Alicia, I'm sure an angel somewhere is smiling upon you. Because of you, some people in Japan will have a warm bed and a filled tummy.

For my entry, I'm using the colours of Japan's flag, Red & White. And there's a tear for all the people lost during this horrible disaster.

Proceed with caution. Not for the faint hearted >_<

If sad is not your thing (you should be, okay!), here's a brighter one.

Products used : Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel as primer, Physician's Formula Concealer, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (Milk), Powder, Water, Manly 80 Colour Eyeshadow Palette, I Nuovi Lip Polish (Tulip), Missha Eyeliner (White), Daiso Eyebrow Pencil, Beautilicious Eyeliner & Falsies from night market.

1. Primed like crazy cos what I'm putting on my face is really bad =_= Recommend using proper 'white foundation(?)' as powder is drying.
2. Overconceal flaws (seriously). Apply NYX JEP (Milk) as white base. Mix body powder with water and slather all over face. Wait til dry then smoothen with hands.
3. Draw eyebrows.
4. I Nuovi applied lightly as base (should use lip liner if you have it). Filled heart shape with red eyeshadow cos I don't have a red lippie =_=
5. Glue falsies upside down on lids. Take note that they are glued on my lids, not my lash line.
6. Draw tear using felt tip eyeliner pen. Outline tear, heart & brows with white eyeliner.

* Geisha INSPIRED look. No offense to real geishas out there.
** Sorry for the uneven brows, lips, falsies, everything =_=

Do your part and help Japan by accepting this challenge!

Click HERE


  1. Wow, you're fast =_= Don't faint, don't faint! Marian will kill me lol

  2. Nice ~ I like the sad sad look ! hehe...
    Ppl from Japan will thanks to you too Isabel =)

  3. hahahhaha so cool!! :D I thought that teardrop was a mole HAHAH my eyes are getting more blurry each day!! :D

    I might take the challenge ! :P Need white foundation though! lol :D

  4. Haha prob not, Anna. I'm sad but at the same time not helping =_= So helping indirectly now.

    @ deerest
    LOL! Maybe not long enough to look like a tear =P Go ahead! Wanna see your entry ^^

  5. This is great! I love the lips...I need to do that sometime (for a look, not to wear out in I love your creativity. Thank you so much for taking part in this challenge. I really appreciate it.

  6. This is so cool! How long did it take you to do this??

  7. @ Alicia
    LOL Obviously not to wear out xD I wouldn't want people to run away

    @ Jen
    Quite a while actually (less than 2 hours?), since I'm not pro with makeup xD And the white face was just =_=

  8. Wow--- that FOTD definitely took some time, eh? @_@ Kudos to you for participating and helping the donation effort. :]

    If I had a substantial amount of makeup, I'd participate, too, but I literally have only eyeliner, mascara, and 4 eyeshadow colours. xD

  9. Longer than I would usually spend on my face hahahha.. but I'm kinda free anyway =/

    Hahaha.. But you have a mountain of contact lenses! Not usable for this contest.. but just saying =P

  10. wow so nice!!!<3 I love the lips


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