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Logic Big Eyes Contact Lens RM 15/pair Promo

You may have read my review on Logic Big Eye contact lenses HERE

Malaya Optical is having a second round of sales. The originally RM90 contact lenses are now at a super cheap price of RM 15 only! For monthly lenses, that is very worth it ^_^

Venue : Malaya Optical Damansara Uptown
Date : 26th March 2011
Day : Saturday, from 11am to 4pm
GPS North 03 8.122 East 101 37403
Web :
Facebook : HERE

* Apparently the T&C is that you have to come in a group o_O Edit : Called them earlier. You don't have to come in a group =) but you are encouraged to bring your friends.


  1. last night I mimpi pakai contact lense..
    It was BIIIG..(I meant, the contact itself was huge!) and it won't fit into my eyes.. gave me a fright there bcz I can't blink..XXD
    Thanks for the info! RM15 for contact lenses is CHEAP! =D

  2. LOL! Maybe this is a sign.. *wink wink*

  3. I wanna get too! I need lenses and GEO for me are tad too dry that they get irritating afterwards! RM15 is GREAT deal. Hey, we should go together - as a group!

  4. Now I'm contemplating it lol! Dunno if I should go. I still have about a year's worth of lenses =_= Logic is also drying for me but other people say it's okay. I didn't know you're from around here!! But I wonder what's the real number for a 'group' lol

  5. Hahahaha... Now you know. I've been around PJ SS2 for like 4 years before I moved to KL a year ago. Gonna ikut my eldest brother until he gets married. Hahahaha.

    Yeah, should have let us know what's the real figure.

  6. oh my god?! So we probably could have bumped into each other but didnt know =O Eh add me on FB! lol

  7. Hahahaha... Most probably we came across each other that time, especially you see.. pasar malam on Mondays and Thursdays! Hahaha. I've added ya!


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