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  • I squealed when I saw these cute Hello Kitty My Beauty Diary masks on Eki's blog.
  • Have any ideas on how to use a yellow + pink blusher? Drop your suggestions HERE.
  • NYX has come out with another palette that looks like the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Would you get it? Find out more from the Muse.

Just like my first time going to a club, Nicole also brought me to my first karaoke session at Red Box for her 24th birthday this week.

The birthday girl and I. I'm using Physician's Formula concealer, Elf HD Powder, Solone Waterproof Eyeliner, Maybelline Magnum mascara, Milani Minerals Blush (Luminous) and NYX Round Lip Gloss (Peach).

Complimentary sparkling juice for her birthday.

Which I also shamelessly posed with. Blue leopard top from Tanks for 5 and denim shorts from MBK Apparels, Sungei Wang.

That's her friend, Calvin, behind her. In this picture she was saying "Take the picture! Take the picture!" which explains the super excited look on her face lol

Cheers! Nicole likes this picture cos my head is the biggest. Pfft..

Did I mention I'm a horrible singer?

How was your first karaoke session like?

I watched 2 movies this week. First was The Rite with my Bf. He tricked me, saying it was a murder movie =_= I don't like watching movies about possession cos it just creeps me out then at night I'll have my eyes wide open, staring at every dark corner in my room Zzz.. Thanks..

Well, the lead actor (Colin O'Donoghue) is kinda cute xD And there's Anthony Hopkins in it! If you don't know who's that, maybe this poster will refresh your memory.. Why must he always look so creepy? =_=

I would say it's scary, has slight hint of romance and a lil disgusting (the human body does not twist like that!). Worth watching but probably not in the cinema.. Nothing much I can say about it. It's a typical movie about possession. Not too exciting.

Spoiler! Highlight to read
- I expected more with the frogs in his room. And with the window open, you would at least expect to see 'something' in a mirror or a sign that something is/was in the room.
- What's with the Devil (red eyed donkey/horse) he saw outside the hotel? So he decides to make an appearance just to stare at him then disappear? =_=

Second one is Sanctum.

I was so excited to watch this cos the trailer looked good but it was just 'meh'. It was kinda draggy. My friend nearly fell asleep (according to him lol).

Again, spoiler! Highlight to read
- Can't believe Josh's father, Frank, went through all that just to die in the end cos of a small stupid thing =_=
- Victoria is the best climber among them and has climbed Mount Everest yet is so weak? How stupid can she be to refuse to wear a wetsuit and not tie her hair?! Or is Carl a bigger idiot for wanting to marry her?
- As Josh was waving that lighted boar tooth about, you can already guess that he's going to use it later on. Which is why he failed to pull it off his neck when he was mad at his father. I would prefer a more surprising plot, thank you.
- Even though it's about cave exploring, they didn't show any impressive shots of the beautiful caves which they were ooh and aah-ing about. Bleh..

* Images from Wikipedia

Oh yeah. I washed my car this week. You must be like "Doesn't she have anything else to write about?! Blogging about washing your car is like blogging about bathing and brushing your teeth". Well, in another person's case, that may be true. But you see.. I think this is only the third time I've washed my car since I got it like 1 year+ ago -_-" It's so bad that when I use my wiper+water, the water turns gray >_

While I was waiting for Sanctum, I went to the new Watson's @ 1 Utama to buy some stuff. I must have looked like an insane girl cos the guard was staring. The moment I entered, I turned to my left (which happened to be Majorlica Majorca) and started swatching stuff. Then I moved to the next stand and went on til I found something I liked. I ended up buying these :

Euro cuticle scissors (I use this for my eyebrows) RM 16.07 (wth it's so expensive! Thought it was only RM 11+ at the display), Biore Cleansing Oil RM 23, Maybelline Makeup Remover RM 13.80, ZA Plumper Lip Gloss RM 27.90 & ZA Plumper Lips RM 29.90.

I was asking the SA about cleansing oils as I wanted one that emulsified with water and didn't leave an oily residue but both of them didn't seem to quite understand my English =_= I had to repeat myself thrice before she said 'yes wash with water' WTH! Wasn't answering my question at all. Watson's should consider hiring better SAs. What use are they if you can't ask them about the products? Grr..

My MIA Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer arrived. This is a backup cos I'm paranoid that I'll run out of primer =_= I'm currently experimenting with backgrounds and lighting (using my Nokia 5800 handphone & Brightlight app). Lighting proved to be insufficient, judging from the photos lol

Long sleeved top I bought from Momoe 1 Utama for RM10 during their clearance sales. They didn't have my size but I settled with M cos my Bf liked it and bugged me to get it =_= And when I wore it, he didn't even recognise it wth.. Waste money oni lol

Repainted my nails but don't like the result, which is why it didn't get it's own post lol

This is using Wet N Wild Molten Metals (Gold), fake royal blue OPI polish and black nail art pen. I basically painted the gold as base, then used the blue to paint random designs and dotted the border between them. This is the first time my right hand looked better cos I started with it and decided to get creative on my left hand. The dots didn't look too good with some so I just joined the dots.

Okay, enough with the crap. Why am I writing such long ass posts every week?! >_<


    1. You always look so gorgeous in pictures!

      Bought Biore Cleansing Oil already? How do you like it?

      Wah... I feel like forever I haven't check out your blog. Haha... Life is too dramatic lately.

    2. Blogging about washing your car is like bathing... you crack me up :) haha It's monumental!! :) I like how you blued out the spoilers. That's original! :)

    3. @ Angel
      Thanks to my lovely camera.. wakakakaka!! =x And sieving through tonnes of them to choose good looking ones LOL

      Yes! But haven try.. Control.. Must.. Finish.. Old one first.. I'm also eyeing DHC & Pure Beauty ones! Wonder if they're good.

      Urgh.. Don't say that. I'm worse! I haven't read any blogs for 4 days! They're piling up on my dashboard & email. Gonna start now lol

      @ Jen
      Well, it was originally white but I was afraid no one would notice there was even a white space there xD

    4. Your nails look so pretty! I'm terrible at nail art, got a really unstable hand! :( meh...



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