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Do You Go Out With Wet Hair?

A random thought for today.. Do you go out with your hair wet? It is a taboo to you?

Sometimes my Bf calls me out at night and I don't have time to dry my hair. I usually let it air dry cos as you know.. heat from the hair dryer is damaging. But this process could take hours.. I don't really care if my hair is wet but people seem to stare at me as though I'm wearing a towel and shower cap o_O

Just to clarify, I do towel dry it first. It's dry enough so that it doesn't make my top wet.

Also, going out with wet hair seems to leave it in a mess. It gets tangled, fluffy and frizzy. What's causing this?! Air cond in my car? Pfft.. This doesn't happen when I'm at home.


  1. at least 80% yes :P why? cause i loveeee doing things last minutes. especially baths! but if mine is superrrrr wet, i will kiasu take the towel in to the car and try drying it as much in the car :P

    i think it tangles more easily cause of the cold air. O: try putting some serum into your hair when it's damp, so when it dries, it'll still be smooth ;)

  2. my hair is naturally wavy, so I always sleep with it wet to get tighter waves, I never really go out with wet hair unless I'm at sea or something :)

  3. Yes! I do let my hair airdry :) And when I know that it's the best time to bun my hair up for some convenient and soft waves, I do my hair up and then let it down a little later and get the prettiest waves! :D

    hehehe. So yeah.. it does get tangly, but then I take it as a style (LOL)

  4. I'm not sure what caused hair to be tangled, fluffy and frizzy but honestly but could it be comb-related problem?

    I used to use budget combs but since I changed my combs to VS' combs, my hair has been great even though I don't need to use blow dryer. That comb is AMAZING and I got it from Watson.

    Other than that, if you really wanna tame frizzy hair, you can try d' Hair Shop's serum, they're WONDERFUL, no mistake! I went back and bought 3 more bottles after using it for the first week! It's the purple coloured packaging. It's around RM39.90 and you can use up to 3 months depending on how much you'd wanna apply. Not to mention, it smells heavenly too. You might wanna try that.

  5. Used to go out w wet hair, but now i dun. It takes me many yrs to come to realise how to use the hairdryer and how u hold it to blow ur hair so it wont damage ur hair and make the hair cuticles closed, or else u end up havin frizzy hair ends. If am rushing out, use a dry towel to take up most of the water from the hair top and esp more on the ends. Theni will on full or medium hot hair to blow on the hair roots while quickly flipping my hair using my fingers touching the scalp. Do not constantly point ur dryer at one spot for long, kinda like shaking the dryer while another hand flipping ur hair. Then the mid length hair, i jst simply blow dry it till 80%. If ur afraid ur hair being damage, can try putting lil oil on the hair before blow dry.

    My hair is very fine n thin n lifeless, if i dun blow dry them, it looks volume-less and flat. :(

  6. @ meiping
    lol! Is drying your hair in the car dangerous? xD I always apply serum but it still ends up being fluffy if I don't bunch them together. Kinda like my makeup brushes.

    @ Dyna
    Oh, lucky you.. My hair is naturally FRIZZY so I have to get it rebonded every now and then. So any curling stuff doesn't work for me =(

    @ deerest
    That's nice.. Well, I'm sure your hair still looks fabulous. Hahaha.. Besides, if you carry it well, it'll look good =)

    @ Angel
    Don't faint but I don't comb my hair lol It just adds to the frizz. Plastic combs cause friction or something so they're bad. Wooden brushes are recommended, apparently. Wide toothed combs are to be used if you have fluffy hair & in the shower. Guess I should research on brushes lol

    I've never heard of d' Hair Shop o_O But I already have 2 serums so I'll see when I finish them =)

    @ Doroshi
    I use about the same method as you for blow dry. The girl at the salon told me to blow from the top, not from the bottom or else it'll get fluffy. Even if I blow dry, my hair is still volumeless & flat T_T

  7. I always do! But I think maybe the reason why it gets frizzy is if there's a bit of humidity where you are?


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