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Guardian Chamomile Face Mask

On a hot day, I like to pamper my skin by putting on a chilled mask and relaxing on the couch. I find this to be a very effective method to reduce tiredness and rehydrate my skin at the same time. Make your own spa at home ^_^

This mask smells good. I know it's supposed to smell like chamomile (which I have no idea how it smells like) but it reminds me of grape ice cream popsicles >_< I have no idea why..

It fits comfortably on my face but I would prefer the mouth hole to be higher. It's thin yet absorbs moisture well.

There's exactly enough essence to soak the mask for one application and keep it moist for a short nap. I also didn't feel the need to rinse this off as it didn't feel uncomfortable after patting it in.

As for the effect, I took the mask off to reveal a much brighter me! My skin was smooth and soft. There was no 'toink toink' feel but my face was moisturized and plump. The huge pimple on my forehead was also soothed!

Price : 2 for RM 6.88
Bought from : Guardian
Made in Taiwan

Pros : Smells nice, good fit, no rinse needed, moist, good effect
Cons : Mouth hole too low

My conclusion : I think this is a good quick fix for dehydrated skin. It's so easily available too.. However, I would wait for a sale to get them. This is worth repurchasing for me =)


  1. Wow, you must have tried all of Watson's face mask. Everytime I went to Watsons and see their masks, they always remind me of you..XD Anyway, lol..i thought that was a picture of chrysanthemums..or is chamomile and chrysanthemum the same thing?? I'll try Watsons brand mask one of these days..=)

  2. Ohhh- very nice~! I could definitely use something like this right now, as the cool winter weather and my skin routine has left my face a bit dry recently. :/

    As always, an awesomely detailed, helpful review.

  3. @ aisyah
    LOL!!! That's nice to know you think of me when you're in Watson's ahahhaha1! I honestly have no idea about the flower though. I can't even differentiate the vegetables I eat =_=

    @ noxin
    I don't have winter here but I can't imagine how my skin would react to the four seasons!

  4. REPLY: couldn't have said it better myself Isabel :) and good for you on leaving that guy, he sure as hell doesn't deserve you, we are all beautiful in our own ways, if he couldn't love your natural beauty, then he sure as hell doesn't deserve you <3


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