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Dinner @ Daves Again

So we went to Dave's again lol I'm glad we didn't go to TGIF on Valentines or else we would have never gone to this place. I must say.. Dave's never fails to impress ^_^ It was quite packed again but oddly enough, we were given the same table. And the lady even remembered us! o_O

First up.. Pictures of meee wahahhaha.. xD Products used : YSL Matt Touch Primer, Physician's Formula Concealer, Elf HD Powder, Milani Minerals Blush (Luminous), Maybelline Lipstick, Daiso Eyeshadow Palette (Brown), Maybelline Super Film mascara, Princess Eyelashes & Maybelline Gel Liner (Black).

I'm using the handmade falsies I've mentioned before. These make my eyes so much bigger!

If I'm not mistaken, I'm still wearing Logic lenses here. They've expired now so I get to choose another pair to wear for the next 3 months ^_^


I like how this camera makes my skin look glowy lol but if I go too near, the photo can be too overexposed =_= Thinking if I should stick something over the flash to tone it down =/

Yeah I know you're just here for the food so here we go! Signature Caesar Salad, RM 19. Omg.. This is so good.. x_X Such a nice mix of cheese, bacon, egg, greens and croutons (the crunchy bread). I actually picked up every single piece from the bowl =x

Aussie Pizza, RM 32 for regular size. Mm.. Melting cheese over ham, bacon and olives. Perfect combination of ingredients. Very simple yet so tasty. When you take a piece, there's a string of cheese. I would have taken a photo but there would be people staring lol

Mixed Seafood Spaghetti with olive oil for him at RM 30. They're so generous! 2 mussels, tonnes of clams, prawns and calamari. It tasted pretty good. I think this is better than the one at Modesto's. For about the same price.. Can you see the HUGE difference?! Urgh.. Feel so kek even thinking about it.

*Kek - Frustrated

Let me remind you how the one at Modesto's looked like. I'm purposely leaving the picture small cos I don't want to see it =_= Like !@$$^#&?!?!

Okay.. Moving on.. I ordered the same Mixed Seafood Spaghetti but with crushed tomato sauce instead. Funny cos my Bf referred to it as ketchup when he was talking to the waitress and she was like "Well... We don't normally use that word.." LOL!! I would say this is a lil above average and the portion is good. Nom nom nom..

The bill came up to about RM 131 including water. I think it's rightly priced for the quality but not something we can afford to eat often o_O Also, we were so stuffed! The waitress always gives us this weird look when we order. Then my Bf would tell her "You don't know how much we can eat.. =D" Well, he should speak for himself! x_X I didn't even want to hear the word 'pasta'!

They're having a 50% off promotion for selected pastas. This offer is applicable from Monday to Friday, during lunch time (12-3 pm) only and excludes public holidays. I think it's a pretty good deal, no? ^_^


  1. Wow I love the nude look, ah your just naturally cute :)

    And the food looks amazingly yummy!

  2. I'm always wearing nude LOL I can't seem to find the confidence to pull off an un-nude yet =_=

    They tasted really yummy too =P

  3. Now I feel hungry..=( thanks Isabel...NOT!
    Those eyelashes look nice ^^

  4. Wow! Very nice eyelashes, and the food ...


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