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  • Hyaluronic Acid has become a popular ingredient in Asian skincares but are the claims true? Read what Giorgia has to say about it.
  • The Muse lists out her do and do not buys for Valentines. 
  • It's no UDPP or TFSI but the Ellana Eye Primer is quickly finding it's way into Shen's heart.
  • I'm not getting much sleep with all the coughing (sick again) and this post on how to fake 8 hours of sleep popped up on my dashboard this morning lol
  • Thiamere has lovely (no pun intended) Valentines nails to show her readers.
  • Check out the super cute Tokidoki Robbery Palette at Fruity Lashes!
Discovered Putih was having difficulties eating his doggy biscuits cos they're not meant for puppies (he eats the same food as Ruby, my beagle) so we're beginning to mix it with water for him. Pfft.. So troublesome lol

Went to this place called Unique Seafood for dinner with Bf's family. Didn't take any photos but we had salmon lou sang, tofu, steamed fish, vege, deer meat, lala and prawns. I can't name the dishes but they were all tasty!! Look at the variety of seafood available!~

My OOTN. Dress from Bf's mum, sister's shoes bought from Sungei Wang & bag from my blog.

No nail art inspiration for Valentines so it's just a plain pink with glitter and butterflies. I used Elianto Nail Colour (06 pink), DHC Nail Polish from night market (goldish pink glitter) & Docile nail polish from Sasa (silver glitter + purple butterflies).

Valentines is on Monday. Have you made any plans? If you don't have a partner, don't feel left out.. Valentines can be celebrated with any of your loved ones which includes your family, friends and pets =)

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  1. Naw I think your nail art is pretty :) I've made plans for valentine's and I'm assuming that you have too! I hope you have a great one


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