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FOTD : Dragon Age

Whaatt....?? Dragon Age? What's that?!

Yes yes.. I can hear all of you asking that already. Dragon Age is a computer game which is (embarrassing to admit but true) pretty addictive. It's not entirely a for-guys-only game cos there's a storyline, customization of characters (physically, as in their looks, gender etc) and romance lol In fact, you can even choose who to have a romantic relationship with o_O

I'm such a nerd.

I was inspired to do this look cos my Bf was telling me excitedly that Dragon Age 2 is coming out soon. It just somehow stuck in my mind.

So this is my original drawing. Pardon my bad sketching =_= It didn't exactly turn out like I wanted it to. Argh!! Should have extended the top more T_T It's supposed to be dragon wings.

Outlined the whole shape first with black and white eyeliner.

Okay, I forgot about the black but here, I filled in the inside with the eyeliners and smudged the black a little. The middle is a mixture of white and black eyeliner but if you have a creamy red lip liner, I guess that works too. I also changed the shape of the white at the tear duct so it's not so droopy.

Zoom to the future, I already have all my eyeshadow on =_= I obviously forgot to take in between pics. Inner corner is white eyeshadow, middle is red + black and outer corner is darker red + black. I defined the edges of the wings with a slanted eyeliner brush and black eyeshadow, smudging it inwards. It's okay if you got eyeshadow outside the shape. Just remove it with a cotton bud + moisturizer / make up remover. I used a Biore Cleansing Oil - In Cotton Wipes.

Lined eyes with Maybelline Gel Liner in Black and applied the same colours on the bottom as well, connecting it with the lowest point.

I wanted a deep red lipstick but didn't have one so I used the I Nuovi Lip Polish in Tulip. I realised it was too sweet looking. Guess I imagined a different colour in my mind =/

Lined lips with black eyeliner and made the bow sharper then layered the lip polish over it. Now.. That's what I'm talking about ^_^ For my cheeks, I'm using the same darker red, applying more than usual and contoured with the same brown used for my brows (still not filled here).

Did my other eye so I can show full face pics but it was dark by then so I only have photos with flash. The red on my right eye isn't as vibrant though.. Sorry for the pimples! I wasn't wearing concealer or foundation >_<


And then I got this creepy photo when my contacts got pushed down LOL

So I guess that completes the look..It was quite fun, actually ^_^

Products used :
Physician's Formula Concealer
Manly 80 Colour Palette
Missha White Eyeliner
Black Eyeliner from night market
Maybelline Gel Liner (Black)
I Nuovi Lip Polish (Tulip)

I actually did a video for this but the quality was so so bad and it made me look like I had huge pores all over my face. Plus I sounded funny so.. Not gonna upload it lol

Oh yeah.. Happy Valentines!!


  1. Wow I love the gradient, it looks really nice :) This is a very unique look and I wish I could see the video of it!

  2. so fierce-looking,hun!

    the i nuovi lip polish looks cute!

  3. Why do I have a feeling that I know this Dragon Age thingie? lol..XD But the one that I know only had those winged eye on one probably we're on a different page of Dragon age..XD
    Good try though! =D

  4. Thanks ^_^ The video is just showing the products used so no need to see it =x

    @ aisyah
    Yes.. I think that's a different Dragon Age LOL

  5. Ooh! I like this!!!!!!! :) You are so creative!! :) I am a new follower, I wish I discovered your blog earlier!

  6. WWOOOOOOW. o.o  You're a dragon! Haha.

    No, but, really, this has ot be one of the coolest concepts I've ever seen.  I love the colours you picked for the dragon wings, and the blending was excellent.  And the bit of dark/black lip liner really drew the whole look together. <33 Amazziinnggg~~.


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