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Received Lipice prize for the shimmery lips contest. I haven't actually opened this. It's sitting in a bag of things I have yet to open =_=

My dad found this cookie/chocolate/sweet sale while grocery shopping and bought a huge box of stuff, which were mostly given away for Chinese New Year. We did keep a couple though and one of it was a pack of Bubble Yum and watermelon flavour too! ^_^ I attempted to take photos of me blowing a bubble (since I haven't in years!) while watching Myth Busters.

3rd pic looks like I'm blowing a condom =_=

Went for a drink on Chinese New Year at D' Haven/Red Chambers at Bangsar. No, I wasn't drunk when I took this pic. Maybe my camera was.

I love the shape of the glass! xD

When I got this cardi from Dolce Fashion House, I must admit that I wasn't too excited as it didn't seem to look good on me. I dug it out recently and surprisingly, it was so warm and comfy! It would look kinda odd due to the rounded edges but overall, still okay. Btw, that white smudge down there is Putih =_=


    1. awh cute doggies ^^ happy new year ^^ and cute bubble gum photos :p

    2. cute dogs!!

      ahh you love Bruno Mars too :D I think he has the sweetest voice! I want him to serenade me :P xoxo

    3. Congrats on winning the Lipice lipbalm!

      I LOLed at the "condom" LOL

    4. Happy new year Naka.. Lol Thx..

      I've only heard 2 songs from him and they're both so nice.. T_T

      hahahaha Glad to have made you laugh, Gaby xD


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