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Guardian Pomegranate Face Mask

No, that's not a huge ang pao.. I starting my new year with a red mask. Well, it's not actually red but the packet is =P

After using the previous Guardian masks, I went back to get more during the 2 for RM 6.88 sale cos they were just so comfy on my face.

Just like before, it was a good fit on my face. It smelt nice at first but I thought the perfume was a lil too much after 10 minutes. It reminds me of the Ambi Pur people put in their car (I don't like those). There was a little extra essence but not enough for 2nd usage so I just applied it above the mask.

Left : Before. Face is feeling dehydrated cos I haven't been applying skincare & mask.
Dear darling skin.. I will not abandon you and treat you like this again (see how long this lasts) so please stop breaking out.
Right : After 20 minutes (I left the essence in so it's shiny). Dry patch on the pimple on my forehead is gone. Overall, face is feeling hydrated and plump but it isn't superbly moisturizing.

Oh yea, I used my sister's headband. It has polka dots and a ribbon! Lol

Price : RM 6.88 for 2
Bought from : Guardian
Made in Taiwan

Pros : Good fit, moisturizing, not sticky
Cons : Too much perfume

My conclusion : This mask is worth repurchasing ^_^

Oh btw, you may not have noticed but I've gone back to using the digital camera for face shots so my face no longer looks red and blotchy. Urgh..

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