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Versatile Blogger Award

I got my very first award (The Versatile Blogger) from Aisyah~ Thanks, babe! ^_^

So, in order to accept this award, there are things that I need to do first, which are:

1) Thank and link back the person that gave me the award.
Already done ^_^

2) Share 7 things about myself.
Okay, this isn't easy lol
  • I like pasta and sometimes I'm an idiot. I go to 'good restaurants' and order pasta. As you may know, pasta is always pasta. Don't waste your money on pasta. Eat something unique instead! Cos you can always get that pasta anywhere else >_<
  • I've been watching KevJumba's channel on Youtube recently and I find him really cute (his dad too! but.. not in the way you're thinking. EWWW...). His vids really pick me up when I'm moody.
  • I'm currently slacking and rotting behind the computer screen. I've finished my foundation (no, not the one you put on your face) but have yet to sign up for my degree program. But I've just visited a college today and high chances are I'll be signing up for it. However, course starts in May so I'll just get back to my rotting..
  • I have a thing for orange coloured soaps =/ I just seem to be attracted to them.
  • I wish I was fairer =( But sometimes I feel that I need more sun. So.. It's complicated lol
  • When I love a food, I'll eat it everyday if I could until I'm sick of it and never touch it EVER again.
  • I LOVE wearing shorts. If I had the money, I'll buy them in all sorts of colours and designs x_X

3) Pass it along to seven blogs I've recently discovered and enjoyed.
Bunny - A cute blogger with her Jap style
Gaby - Looking at the rate she wins giveaways, she should just buy a lottery ticket or something lol
Elle - Someone new I've just met ^_^
Natalie - Check out the super adorable Rocky! Almost as lovely as his owner.
Chaigyaru - She's so pretty! Some commented she looks like Eki but I think she looks just like chaigyaru =)
Kayla - Still love her nail art designs. Wish I was as talented as her.. T_T
Padmita - Every single one of her eye looks are just so beautiful..

4) Leave my recipients a note, telling them about the award. 
Will do in a moment =)


  1. XD the pasta one is hilarious! I'm not creative when it comes to ordering meals in a restaurant..LOL.. The waiter/waitress makes me nervous so I always fall back to eating something safe that I'm familiar with..=P
    And yesh, we both know Kevjumba is awesome! The thing I really like about him is his tone of voice. It's very soothing in a weird, funny way..=D

  2. i know how you feel about pasta and the love-food-eat-everyday-and-never-touch-it-again T___T

  3. LOL Yeap.. Sounds like me too, Aisyah. Kena scold by Bf cos always order pasta haha.. Why would the waiter make you nervous?! I just tell them to come back later as I have not decided.

    Haha.. Glad to know there are people like me ^_^

  4. yay i love pasta <3!!! i just can't get tired of eating them :)

  5. Aww thanks for this award Isabel! But I never win when I buy lottery ticket LOL.

  6. Glad to meet more pasta lovers xD!

    LOL Well, I guess you're just lucky at certain things ahaha go join more giveaways xD

  7. thanks gal! nice meeting u too!

    xoxo elle

  8. Awwwww, thankyou sweeety!! You're so kind!!!
    And I LOVE PASTA toooo!!
    I still order pasta at fancy restaurants! :D
    and orange colored soap?! that is the strangest thing ever but its just so cute :)

  9. LOL Yes, I know.. But when I see an orange soap, I just need to get it =_= It's just so much more appealing than green, blue or purple soaps haha..


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