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This Week's Must Reads

I'm more of a 'shave girl' but if you prefer waxing, do check out this DIY Hair Removal Wax recipe by Sriya.

Cassie listed down some tips for at-home waxing. Make sure you read it before you do it for the first time!

Keeping your brushes clean is very important but brush cleaners don't always come cheap. If you like to DIY, Deea shares how she makes her own brush cleaners

Not a new post but.. Angry Birds on nails! For those who don't know, Angry Birds is an addictive game for the Ipod, Iphone etc. I think her other designs are also quite cute ^_^

Can taking a bubble bath after applying makeup give you beautiful dewy skin or does it spell d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r? Check out Renee's interesting post on this

Find out how to make your own shower jellies at Lipgloss Love Affair! These look really interesting and not that difficult to make.

Oh yeah, if anyone was wondering what the round puffy thing I posted last week was, it's my dog's paw! ^_^

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