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My Week

Won a giveaway by Kayla ^_^

This will be my first OPI nail polishes *excited* The shiny blue thing is a palette with eyeshadows and blushers.

Got this from their Facebook page. A cleanser that absorbs oil? Sounds kinda good to me lol

Prize arrived! Won this from Beetrice's 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. Doesn't look like the shade I wanted though..

Random pic of a Sylphie sandwich =)

Remember the Lipice shimmery lips contest? I was one of the winners (truthfully, I would be pissed if I didn't win as there were 10 prizes lol)  so whee~~ Prize isn't much but it was an easy and simple contest anyway so.. Wheee~~~ lol

I have this thing for lip balms and I've been itching to get the Mentholatum Maxilip for months! So glad I won one from YSK Review ^_^


  1. wow!
    everything looks great

  2.'re probably one the luckiest people in the blogger world that I know of! =D congratz!

  3. I got the i nuovi too, it doesn't look like the shade I wanted too. and i am not sure how to apply it. it's a little bit too sticky for me..

  4. Thanks thiamere, miss syukur & gaby ^_^

    @ aisyah
    LOL I know that is NOT true. I know this blogger who won a whole mountain of prizes! Trip to Australia, necklace from Poh Kong, Camera and many more I can't remember =_= *jealous*

    @ angel
    Kinda disappointing, huh? =( The shades there looked so pretty. As for the stickiness, perhaps you could try using less as it's so thick! Think of it like an OCC lip tar? lol


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