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Circle Lens Camwhoring

So my confidence is kinda back with the circle lenses =) As you may know from all the camwhore pics lol

I'm using a purple Solone eyeliner, Maybelline Magnum mascara, NYX Tinted Lip Spa (Orange Passion) and NYX Powder Blush (Peach). My Bf said I looked good that night so these lenses are great! However, they're kinda dry for my super dry eyes and I can't wear them for long =( Full review once I'm done testing them out ^_^

I was in a mood for camwhoring lmao

Salute! Wonder why am I doing that weird thing with my lips lol

Thought I'll do an 'Asian pose' lol I remember doing these kinda poses some years back. Gosh.. So glad I'm over that phase =_=

This pose reminds me of Melody, somehow. She's a really nice blogger, btw. Check out one of her posts HERE.

I like the combination of this lens with the eyeliner ^_^

My sis got the new Maybelline Magnum Super Film mascara! Wakakakak.. Of course, I have already tried it out. Review for this coming soon. Gotta use it a few more times first. It still can't replace the original Magnum in my heart but perhaps it just needs time? We'll see.. =)


  1. You look great!! Looking forward for the Maybelline Mascara reviews. =)

  2. what lens is that? O: hahah. they look gooood (:

  3. Thanks ^^ Both reviews (mascara & lens) are in the process of drafting lol but anyway, lens is Logic Big Eyes from Malaya Optical =)

  4. Yaayy! Can't wait for the mascara review! I had no idea how many times I had roamed around aimlessly in front of Maybelline's counter, staring at the mascara~! LOL..
    And you do look nice! ^___^ I've never seen you wear the tinted lip spa in Orange passion before though..complements you so well!

  5. LOL I don't go to the pharmacy often but that day I was looking at it, touching it, holding it in my hands =_=

    To tell the truth, I'm not comfortable wearing colours that are not nude =(

  6. :) I heard circle lenses are ba for eyesight.. I'm not so sure but if I were you I'd do a research about that. I don'tmean to be rude but I am highly skeptical about such products and just wanted to passthat on :) x

  7. Yes, I've heard that too. I don't think circle lenses are that different from normal coloured contacts though. They're just bigger in diameter. In fact, real circle lenses (just the outer ring) are better as there's less printed areas so more oxygen can reach your eye. So many different stories, I don't know who to trust =( I will definitely read up on this =) Thanks, Dyna.

  8. Cute! They suit you very well! I own a pair of black ones to but they make me look like a girl trying to be a puppy dog D: But i'm jealous that you look good in it... orz....

    And yes!! Out of all my contacts, black ones tend to dry my eyes so fast!!! ><

    I love your camwhore pics! Do more ^^

  9. Mm- provided you're buying authentic lenses from an established, reputable company-- and that you know how to care for and wear contact lenses, there's no more risk from circle lenses than from 'western' brands. C:

    Speaking of that, there's a post by a fellow blogger with some good information:

    Anyway, I love your eyeliner with those lenses-- they're so natural but enlarging. <33

  10. @ Bunny
    Actually, I don't like black ones as it looks so plastic or fake from all the 'model photos' but this pair looks fine.. I hope brown would be better though ^_^

    @ Noxin
    YES! I have definitely learned my lesson. Buy from shops. No more online as I really can't trust them 100%. Thanks for the link btw =) Well written.


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