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Sponge Hair Bun Tool

Ever wondered how to get that cute lil hair bun? Spent an hour trying to make it yet it unrolls in under a minute? Well, there's a 'shortcut' for it now!

Not sure what's the exact name for this but basically it's a tool that helps you make a hair bun lol.. It's this black sponge that looks like 'yau char kuei' and has a wire inside.

I'm demonstrating this on my side so it's kinda weird. My hair's way too layered & short for this to work properly. First, you separate the 'legs' by pushing 1 up and the other down.

Put it around your hair (like it's a scrunchie) and bend the 'legs' back straight.

Slide it down near the end (or if you have layers, right before strands start to fall out).

Roll it up, keeping your hair end still inside the sponge. Try to fan it out towards the ends.

Bend the ends of the 'legs' down (if you rolled outwards, bend down. if you rolled inwards, bend up). I hope you understand what I'm trying to say lol

Try to make the ends join or overlap then spread your rolled hair around on the donut so the sponge is not visible. My hair's not very long anymore so some escaped from the bun. I just pulled them up and made them go round the base of the bun, stuffing loose ends inside.

Me and my weird side bun lol

There are 2 sizes for this. Small for shorter hair and big for girls with longer hair. So far, I've only seen this in black & brown so it's gonna look weird if you have blonde hair and don't cover it properly.

Some of the sellers on Lowyat.NET
Wow.. It's like getting cheaper and cheaper, huh? lol

Price : Below RM 15, depending on seller
Sold at : Night market & online
Pros : Easy to use, cheap
Cons : Doesn't work well for short layered hair, only in black/brown
My conclusion : This tool is a fast and easy way to get a bun. Perfect for days when you need to do a lil something to your hair but don't have the time. This tool doesn't just make buns so you can search online for other uses.


  1. That's a cute tool..^0^ My sister would probably love this since she's the kind that do buns all the time..hehe.. thanks for the tutorial and review!=)

  2. Hahaha.. Then she would really appreciate this =) I had a bun phase as well and all that twisting and turning to make my hair stay hurt my arms =_=

  3. I have honestly never seen this before :) looks so interesting.. might have to check it out haha. Abt the circle lenses - I honestly am not an expert, but I heard in the program of the doctors.. Something about it being larger than the natural eye.. I don't know haha. They never really interested me,.. but jlovesmac1 from youtube used to wear them, and at one point had to take them off because I believe the doctor said they were damaging her eyesight. I am not 100% sure though. Just for your own sake, google it and research well :) I am a health freak when it comes to eyesight and eye products and all that - because it is such a delicate area, but if you want to wear them and they're harmless than it's all good :D xx

  4. Wow! This is soooo handy! i wounder if I can spot it somewhere in a store here! I love your side buns! That is creative!!

  5. Oh yes I've heard about this, and also of a technique with a sock called "the sock bun". Not sure if my hair is long enough to achieve this, though z=

  6. I actually wanted to buy this long ago, but unsure on how it actually works even with the method pic they showed...xD

    now i know~
    didn't know about the wire it's like usamimi head band only in sponge lol

  7. @ Dyna
    I have honestly never heard of that before lol Circle lenses are all the rage in Asia (especially Japan). I've worn them for years and other than the material irritating my eyes (certain brands just don't agree with my eyes), my eye power etc hasn't changed.

    @ Bunny
    LOL Actually it's not meant to be a side bun but I didn't have anyone to take pictures of my back for me.

    @ Gaby
    Well actually, it's good for girls who have short hair (as long as it's long enough to curl) as it adds volume to your bun =)

    @ Kristin
    I observed the instructions from 3 sites before I understood it hahaha but there are some pretty useful videos on the internet =) Videos are much easier to follow than pictures. and yes! It's like an usamimi head band haha..

  8. last few weeks..i saw it about RM10 for 4 in OUG pasar malam n serdang pasar malam..variety of colour n pattern

  9. Gosh.. so now we know how much they hiked up the price =(

  10. Hi Isabella, do you have any other ways to work with this sponge tool? I've seen four different styles on the packaging but it's far too simplified for me to make anything out of it. I've got tons of compliments from my friend about the neat bun i made with it, and they were so amazed that it was because of something as simple as a sponge tool :D


  11. thx dear.
    i also use  that.
    and it really cool when decorate it with cute ribbon
    just like Japanese style


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