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Big Dolly Eyes

I kinda like the look on Jap girls; big doll eyes, pink blusher and nude glossy lips. Have been wanting to attempt the look and after seeing Chaigyaru's post, I decided I was going to give it a go. Sorry pics are a mess. Using sister's camera and still figuring it out. I only got the right settings when I finished my makeup. And my hand was shaky too! T_T

I'm wearing Black Logic Big Eye lenses, which I got from Malaya Optical. Tried out my sister's new Loreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation in shade G3. I used her N3 before this but it wasn't a perfect match.

Used a dark brown above the eye and half of the lower lash line. I'm not going all over the lid as I only want to make my lashes look fuller. I'm using the darkest brown from a Daiso palette. White was applied around the tear duct and inner lower lash line. This provides an instant lift to my dreamy eyes.

Lined my eyes thickly with Solone black and gold eyeliner. This is thicker than my usual (already thick) eyeliner. I noticed later on that I should have used a darker eyeliner or maybe lined again with a felt tip near the lash line. 

If you have lush, thick lashes, lucky you! I'm using some handmade falsies from the night market. I purposely glued them higher than my lash line (about half of the thick eyeliner). This gives the illusion of bigger eyes. If your eyeliner isn't dark enough, the gap between the falsies and your real lashes may be visible. After falsies, use mascara to make your natural lashes stick to the falsies and also on the lower lashes. I skipped this step as I wasn't going anywhere.

Sorry for the weird expression lol

Hmm.. I think they're a little out of shape as my sis wore them a few times already. I also didn't glue it properly >_< Had to photoshop the falsies back on LOL

Completed the look with a pink blusher (Elf Natural Radiance Blusher in Shy) and glossy nude lips (Revlon Soft Nude + NYX Round Lipstick in Natural). I have a post for nude lips HERE.

Ta-da! My eyes are now so much bigger but I think it's a lil too big in photos LOL I think my sister's camera has this fish eye effect as even my lips look plumper in pics o_O

With flash you can slightly see the gap between the falsies and my lashes >_<

These are the products used :

Loreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation (G3)
Elf Mineral Booster (Sheer)
Elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder (Luminance)
Solone Eyeliner (Black & Gold)
Daiso Eyeshadow Palette (Brown)
Elf Natural Radiance Blusher (Shy)
Maybelline Perfect Concealer (Natural Beige)
Revlon Colourburst Lipstick (Soft Nude)
NYX Round Lipgloss (Natural)
Princess Eye Lashes

Close up of the falsies..

They're longer towards the outer end and kinda have this weaving pattern at the bottom. I quite like these falsies. They're natural yet add a lil something something to your eyes.


  1. The first picture looks so nice. Especially the lips.. sexy.. Haha

  2. The third smaller picture, you almost looked Japanese! (you know, how their eyes looked like in manga & anime alike~the pointed outward corner) Nice try ^^ The trick with the eyelashes and liner really do wonders for eye size!

    reply: haha..XD sorry! =P Couldn't help it..But In2It is always available in Watsons all year round so you don't have to get it now ^^ but do check it out once you had the chance.

    ps: I'm going to JJ tomorrow. If the blush is dirt cheap (like..reaching rm10 or lower), I'll tell you ^^

  3. Thanks, aisyah ^^ I think it's mainly the contacts but this eye makeup really helps with my dreamy eyes.

  4. hey there, love those lashes. they look really lush.

  5. the falsies are so fine n natural, really like it on u! wow nice hair bow!

    xoxo elle
    ps: well i only dealt wif courts @ puchong, so many other outlets have better ask if got stocks or not! but then they might promise say got..grr

  6. yup! Love the lashes too ^^ It's also really soft and cheap.

    Thanks Elle.. LOL well, better be safe than sorry!

  7. Oh wow-- your eyes look totally different with all those lashes and eyeliner. o: Still... having spent time looking at a lot of gyaru magazines and pics, I can't help but imagine you with super light hair. Haha.

    Anyway-- lovely look-- I especially like that gold shadow.

  8. pretty. isn't it amazing what these falsies can do! i love wearing them, but my skin is so sensitive to the glue.

  9. Hehehe.. I'm not so sure if super light hair will suit me. This is my first dye anyway. Will see if I dare to go lighter xP

    Oh.. That's not good. For me, it's the 'backbone' of the falsies that irritates my eye. The end keeps poking my inner corner and sometimes it bleeds a little =(


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