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A lil pic heavy this week lol

Weekly reads ^_^

Had my family Chinese New Year reunion dinner last Sat at Sam You Restaurant (3 brothers?). Maxi dress from my blog & heels from Champion Verdi.

Reunion dinner!

Went for the O.M.G. Charity Play @ KDU. It was a good show, considering the fact that they were all students (except one lecturer xD).

Washed the wand of one of my old mascaras. It'll serve as a spoolie for my sister =)

I'm waiting for several parcels (I think? I can't even remember anymore..) so was abit excited when dad went out to sign for this xD Evolle bar! Won from Wonder if it'll be like the Mior & Eumora bars I've tried before or even better! There's also a discount of 3 for RM 199 instead of RM 297. Anyone wanna buy? Lol

Feb issue of Cleo.. Some staplers and envelopes. See who's on the cover? ^_^

Yes, I was super excited over this lol..

Then off I went to 1 Utama.. I've been using the Solone eyeliner almost everytime I go out. For this look, I'm using Elf All Over Cover Stick (Rosy Beige), Silkygirl foundation, Elf Brightening Eye Colour (Butternut), Solone eyeliner (Golden Black), Missha Eyeliner (white), Max Factor False Lash Effect & NYX Tinted Lip Spa (Orange Passion).

Picked up Natio samples from Sasa to review. It's actually quite a generous sample.. Let's see how these are..

And this is where I broke my shopping ban lol But at least it wasn't more makeup! =x

Spotted this super cuuuuuuuuuuuuute yellow star-like thingy at Miss T ^_^ RM 12.90 for this adorable thing. Muacks!

It's actually a pouch but I don't think I'll be putting anything in there.. lol

Was walking to the carpark to leave when... I saw that there was a sale at Bonita! 70% off the bags!! Careful! Inspect the bags very very carefully as alot of them are defected or will be defected (straps/buttons dropping off, torn fabric etc). If possible, ask for a new one. This is bigger than my current bag and quite spacious even after camera (my sister's camera), wallet, bottle, tissue, etc etc etc..

It's a lil plain but I like the studs! Original price RM 129 (I think they were all RM 129) but after discount, RM 38.70.

* Spoilers in blue, highlight to reveal
Also watched Season of the Witch that day. To me, it was just average.. Nothing too exciting. For that kinda show (demons and possessed girls), I would have expected more creepiness. Thought there would be a twist, maybe something about that monk.

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